ECS Elitegroup showcases its X79R-AX Stealth Concept Motherboard

ECS ELITEGROUP (USA) has showcased on its facebook page a new concept motherboard known as the X79R-AX Stealth which features a PCB shield to provide protection against damage to the delicate components and parts.

The X79R-AX is still a concept design but ECS plans to launch it in the near future. The design although looks a lot similar to the ASUS's X79 Sabertooth motherboard which provides a similar thermal shield technology.

Underneath the X79R-AX shield lies a complex set of heatsink and heatpipes which are also provided an umbrella, the heat from the motherboard is dissipated through various exhaust vents which allow the hot air to flow out of the shield.

Some key features of the motherboard include two DIMM slots located on each side of the LGA2011 socket, power is provided through an 24-pin ATX and 8 pin connector. Expansion slots include four PCIe x16 slots and a couple of PCI-e x1 slots. There are a tons of SATA ports located near the PCH along with the traditional Diagnostic LED and Power on/off buttons.

ECS has further said:

What do you think? Would you buy one? Maybe one will be sneaking up at an e-tailer near you.

For more details, head over to ECS's official facebook page here.

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