PS4 Exclusive Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain To Deploy April 11th

D3 Publisher just announced that the latest title in the Earth Defense Force series will be releasing in North America later this April. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, the first title in the series to be developed by YUKE'S instead of the team at Sandlot, will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and built specifically for the single platform.

The cathartic relief of shooting vicious giant insects with hundreds of various weapons across a number of classes is one that we covered recently with a full review on Earth Defense Force 5 last December. Built in Unreal Engine 4, Iron Rain looks to stand out from the other titles in the series.

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  • Master Four Soldier Classes: Thanks to advances in “PA-Gear” technology, the EDF are on more equal footing with the “Aggressors”. These powered exoskeleton suits can be customized with hundreds of weapon, armament, and item loadout combinations with four unique soldier classes, each with their own critical Over Drive ability to change the tide of battle, including the Trooper, Jet Lifter, Heavy Striker, and most notably, the brand-new Prowl Rider.
  • Multiplayer: Staying true to the series’ roots in arcade action, both online and local multiplayer split-screen modes are available. Online supports up to six player co-op – and the new Mercenary mode, which finds teams competing for Energy Gems hosts up to 8 players.
  • Character customization: For the first time in the series, players will step into the boots of Closer, a decorated war hero who awakens from a seven year coma. Players can customize his or her appearances before diving into the game’s character driven campaign.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will release on April 11,th 2019 with two variants: Standard Edition ($59.99) and Ultimate Edition ($89.99). Currently announced pre-order perks at select retailers include exclusive customized costumes, enhanced weapons, and other in-game perks. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots of the new classes of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain in action.

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