The EDF To Deploy Once Again In Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

Kai Powell

Who says you can't have ever have enough bugs to kill? The Earth Defense Force series is known for his comically exaggerated style of wave defense gameplay and the shooter series has always been one of my guilty pleasures. We're just received word that the latest entry will be making its way to Western audiences in 2021 and we have the first peek at what's to come in Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.

Marking a major design shift from the gritty realism that EDF: Iron Rain was striving for in an attempt to appeal to Western audiences, the upcoming World Brothers changes things up with a completely voxel-style approach to the world. Not only does this new art style give World Brothers a unique look, but it also appears to perform much better at first glance. Whether EDF: World Brothers can handle hundreds of bugs on screen at once on the Nintendo Switch is another story entirely, but I'm definitely looking forward to picking up the Wing Diver once more and raining death on as many vicious giant insects once more.

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Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will launch in North America on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. While a PC version has yet to be confirmed, D3 PUBLISHER has been quite consistent with bringing the series to Steam. The most recent entry, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, is currently on sale on Steam, at a 67% discount for the next two days, bringing the price down to $19.79 in the US.

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