Early Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Comparison Shows Each Flagship Has Strengths, Weaknesses in Certain Conditions

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Early Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Comparison Shows Each Flagship Has Strengths, Weakness in Certain Conditions

The Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung and iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple are heavy hitters in the camera department, with each flagship having some strength or weakness in a given situation. Thankfully, this comprehensive camera comparison looks at where both handsets shine brighter than the other, though some of these results may be subjective.

Samsung’s Newest 108MP Main Sensor Makes Little Difference, but Low-Light Performance Has Improved Drastically; iPhone 12 Pro Max Impresses in Video Capture

As you can tell from the images, increasing the megapixel count on the Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers little improvement over the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s primary 12MP sensor. However, what we found impressive was that the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s ultrawide-angle camera produces a more accurate image compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s unit. If you zoom into the image gallery below, you’ll notice the white balance is better on Samsung’s flagship.

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One of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s strengths lies in low condition night shots. Over here, we are pleased to see that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has finally caught up to its rival. Both images look solid when placed next to each other. The Galaxy S21 Ultra also has a slight edge as a versatile camera smartphone thanks to its extended zoom level and macro lens. However, the addition of these lenses will likely be used in rare cases, but if you need such features, the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers them.


If you take a look at the long video below, you’ll notice that the iPhone 12 Pro Max continues to excel when it comes to stabilization. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports OIS in three cameras, it’s not sufficient to overtake the Sensor-Shift Optical Image Stabilization tech used in Apple’s flagship. The same technology will reportedly arrive for all iPhone 13 models when they are unveiled later this year, so we look forward to those advancements.

Overall, we think Samsung hit a home run with the Galaxy S21 Ultra as it has caught up to the optics game substantially. Hopefully, we’ll see more comparisons like this in the future, and like always, we’ll keep you updated. If you wish to take a look at the detailed camera comparison, the video is given below.

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