Dying Light 2 Dev Says Grappling Hook Is Physics Based, Akin to Spider-Man or Tarzan

Alessio Palumbo
Dying Light 2 RTX Ray Tracing

Dying Light 2 might be adding a ton of RPG elements, but that doesn't mean what made the original great in the first place is going away.

One of the defining features of Dying Light was the game's first-person parkour, which managed to surpass even DICE's Mirror's Edge. It felt great to be able to move freely from one building to another in Herran, and it'll be even better in Dying Light 2 since Techland is adding a grappling hook.

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In an interview with VG247, Senior Game Designer Bartosz Kulon likened it to Tarzan's liana or Spider-Man's web-swinging.

It’s more physics-based. Like a Tarzan or Spider-Man thing. It won’t be abused because you have to have something above you to swing from.

Beyond the addition of the grappling hook, though, Dying Light 2 is also going sporting some under-the-hood improvements for ledge detection.

It was our first attempt, and I made a lot of mistakes doing that. In Dying Light 2 it’s way better optimised, more precise, and actually a bit more complicated, but it helps us in different ways we couldn’t achieve in the first game.

Even the physics engine has been updated in order to make the parkour feel more realistic, according to Kulon.

When I played a lot of Dying Light 1, I felt that the bounciness of the character was something that wasn’t that realistic. I spent 6,000 hours in Dying Light, so I see a lot of things that normal people don’t see.

Dying Light 2 recently got delayed from its original Spring release window. Techland did not provide any hints as to when we'll get this highly anticipated sequel, besides adding that we'll know more in the coming months (likely via E3 and/or Gamescom). That said, we remain hopeful about playing Dying Light 2 before the end of the year.

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