DxOMark’s iPhone 11 Camera Results Show Lower Scores Than Pixel 4 but Very Capable in Capturing Both Images & Video

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DxOMark’s iPhone 11 Camera Verdict; Very Capable of Taking Both Images, Video

After reviewing the iPhone 11 Pro Max and concluding that it’s the best camera Apple has ever put in a mobile phone, it’s time to look at the cheapest model the company launched in 2019. The iPhone 11 camera is still a capable handset, but does the lack of a telephoto lens mean it’s good enough for a $699 price tag? Take a look at the details from the in-depth review and judge yourself.

iPhone 11’s Camera Is Excellent in Capturing Detail and Ultrawide Shots but Suffers When Zooming in

With an overall score of 109, the iPhone 11 camera surprisingly sits behind the Pixel 4’s, although in a Night Mode comparison, Apple’s $699 offering thrashes the more expensive flagship from Google. However, the entire DxOMark results won’t receive a significant alteration because the iPhone 11 camera beat the Pixel 4 in a single scenario. However, the review does state that the cheaper member of Apple’s 2019 range loses points because of the lack of a telephoto lens. Otherwise, it’s able to produce similar and high-quality results as the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Users will instead have to rely on digital zoom, which DxOMark claims is very poor at medium and long range. Thus, anything that requires a little more zooming in will have a degrading effect on image quality. That doesn’t make the iPhone 11 camera a bad choice by any means. It’s able to produce accurate results, both indoors and outdoors, not to mention the ultrawide camera’s performance is excellent.

For video recording, there’s a decent amount of stabilization, with impressive image quality. However, the review states that there are white balance issues while capturing footage indoors and the camera’s autofocus seems to have trouble keeping up while tracking.

Overall, despite its drawbacks, DxOMark has given a positive conclusion of the iPhone 11 camera, saying that it lives up to the excellent imaging results provided by the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max.

“The high price tag of flagship iPhones means that people who are wedded to the Apple eco-system and looking for an upgrade might be attracted to the more pocket-friendly iPhone 11. If photography is an important factor in that choice, the good news is that by and large the less-expensive device lives up to the excellent all-round image quality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Without a dedicated 3rd tele-lens camera, however, it isn’t nearly as good for zoom shots; and Portrait mode shots are less successful due to the wider focal length they have to be captured with. With video performance also on par between the standard iPhone 11 and the Pro alternatives, however, it’s only the disadvantages for zoom that count against the more economical model.”

For $699, the iPhone 11 does appear to grow immensely in popularity, as during the U.S. holiday quarter, this model had sales that outgrew the remaining versions, even the cheaper iPhone XR, which is the most popular model anywhere in the world for 2019.

So what do you think? Does experiencing the iPhone 11 camera require $699 of your hard-earned money? Let us know down in the comments and you can check out DxOMark’s detailed review by clicking on the source link below.

News Source: DxOMark

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