Download watchOS 4 Final Version for Apple Watch – Now Available for All Models

Uzair Ghani
Download watchOS 4

Apple has released watchOS 4 final version for all Apple Watch models, including Apple Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1 as well as Series 0.

watchOS 4 Final Focuses on Siri, Revamped Fitness Features, Heart Rate Measurement & More - Now Available for Download

From the looks of it, one might not expect much from software that powers a device as small as the Apple Watch. But if you lift the lid and see what watchOS 4 packs compared to watchOS 3, then you might just raise your eyebrows in surprise. Rather than throwing in a couple of features and calling it a day, watchOS 4 takes things further with changes in the right places. For those who love working out, they will be pleased to learn that a brand new UI has been put in place for them. But that’s not all, you can now track your high intensity interval training too with extreme accuracy, something which was not just possible before.

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Siri lovers get a good taste of the assistant on the Apple Watch with a dedicated watch face. It shows you everything that’s going to happen next along with suggestions that are relevant to where you are. Basically, it’s Siri at its finest on a small scale.

All of the above mentioned features and a whole lot more, including a brand new heart-rate monitoring app can be downloaded today. But unlike iOS 11, tvOS 11 or macOS, there’s no restore image available from Apple which you can use to perform a clean install. The only method for installation is the over the air route. It’s plain and simple, but takes a long time to complete since everything happen over Bluetooth. Simply check out our guide below on how to download and install watchOS 4 right now.

Wrap Up

After using watchOS 4 and witnessing the launch of Apple Watch Series 3, it’s safe to say that Apple is not done with its smartwatch endeavors and more exciting features are definitely on their way. Things will only get better as Apple gathers more usage data from users in order to improve its products and services further.

The only gripe I have with the Apple Watch is that it has a square face. I think it’s time for the company to embrace the round face that is pleasing on the aesthetic front and overall looks cool.

Guess that upgrade might be set for a later date.

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