Apple Announces The Apple Watch Series 3 With Cellular Connectivity And More

Ali Salman

We have come a long way, speculating and shedding light on all the leaks and rumors related to Apple's flagship smartphone. Apple's iPhone X event is underway and the company is in full flow, announcing various products and more. The Apple Watch Series 3 is a very capable device, incorporating powerful hardware and a great design. Over the years, we have seen the wearable upgrade with minor design changes but major internal variations. However, this time around, it's different. The company is moving ahead with the technology, implementing and adding more to the wearable. So let's dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features Cellular Connectivity, Faster Hardware For A Smoother Performance And More

Apple Watch has gathered ample traction over the past few years, allowing users to do more than they usually would. From simpler tasks to many complex ones, the Apple Watch has aided. The health aspect is one of the major qualities of the Apple Watch. In addition to this, the new firmware, watchOS 4 is adding more functionality to the platform. As mentioned in the keynote, Apple Watch's Heart Rate Sensor is the most used heart rate sensor in the world.

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Apple Watch will now notify you when you have an accelerated heart rate. The feature will allow you to know your condition before a heart attack occurs. Moreover, the Apple Heart Study will use the data from Apple Watch and notify users. The Apple Heart Study phase will be available in the United States later this year. There's a lot more in watchOS 4 which we will talk about later on.

Same Design, Cellular Connectivity, And More

So to begin with, the Apple Watch did not receive a major design overhaul externally. However, internally, there's much more to offer compared to the wearable's predecessor. The next generation of Apple Watch is not much different than its predecessor. Nonetheless, it does feature built in cellular connectivity. With that said, you do not have to carry your iPhone with you. To save some space the company has implemented the antenna related hardware in the screen. In addition to this, since the nano sim is a bit bigger for the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple introduced the Electronic SIM to preserve space. Moreover, the Series 3 would have the same cellular number as that of your iPhone and third-party apps.


Jeff Williams also touted that the Apple Watch Series 3 is the same size as the Series 2 model. So you're basically getting more for the same size. Apple Watch is the best wearable in the world, overtaking Rolex and gathering 97 percent customer satisfaction along with a 50 percent year over year growth.

Internals And watchOS 4

In terms of performance, the Series 3 is coupled with a dual-core processor, delivering up to 70 percent more performance. Apple has also added its in-house built W2 chip in the Apple Watch Series 3 which is 50 percent more power efficient in terms of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So the device is more powerful than its predecessor and it will last longer taking into account the W2 chip's efficiency. It also supports barometric pressure, so skiing and snowboarding workout coverages will be a breeze.

There will be a variety of cases and bands. The new gold aluminium finish, silver and space gray are available. There's also a new band, a Sport Loop as well which is designed for an active lifestyle. There's a lot more to it so be sure to check out our extensive coverage.

watchOS 4 is bringing a lot of new features to the table system-wide. Moreover, it will ship with a new Workout app, GymKit and much more. We will share an in-depth review on the new watchOS 4, so be sure to stick around for it. Siri is also faster on watchOS 4 and coupled with the faster processor it will now be able to talk as well.

Pricing And Availability

The LTE variant of the Apple Watch Series 3 is priced at $399, while  the non-LTE variant is available for $329. The Series 1 Apple Watch stays at the $249 price.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available with 14 wireless carriers in nine different countries. The non-LTE variant will be available in 20+ countries across the globe. Pre-orders start on September 15 and the Apple Watch Series 3 launches on September 22.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity? Share your views in the comments.

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