How to Download Your Vine Videos Before Service Shuts Down


Here's a complete step by step guide on how to download your Vine videos before the services shuts down completely.

You Can Download an Archive of Your Vine Videos - Do it Quickly Before the Service Retires Completely

Vine is officially dead. Twitter even followed up with news that it would be replacing the Vine app for iOS and Android with Vine Camera. A little piece of software that lets you create looping videos and share it anywhere, except on Vine, of course. But, before that even happens, you have the option of downloading an entire archive of all the Vine videos you have ever created and uploaded to the service. Here's how you can do it.

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1. First of all, launch a Web browser on your desktop or notebook.

2. Now head over to Vine's website. The link is as follows:

3. Click on the Login button at the top right hand corner and enter your credentials to sign in.

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4. Once you are signed in, you'll see a button at the top right hand corner saying Download your Vines. Click on it.

5. You'll be taken to a new page where you will see an option labeled Request Your Archive. Click on it as well.

Once your archive is ready, it will be emailed to you in a zip file, all set to be downloaded and used in any way you like.

Remember, you have until January 17th, after that you won't be able to download your archive at all. Basically, once you have crossed that date, everything will be lost forever. Therefore please, do yourself a favor and grab your precious memories right away.

Wrap Up

Vine was a wonderful little service that introduced looping videos to the world of social networking. But the competition grew fierce and Instagram managed to one-up the service by introducing looping videos as well along with a few other tricks. This gave Instagram an edge over Vine as users didn't have to flock to another service just to create a looping video. Basically, everything felt right at home, and users had a new incentive to use the service leading to the downfall of Vine.

There was a lot that could be done to save Vine, but it seems as though its fate was set in stone. Regardless, Vine is dead, and Instagram should be your go-to location if you are willing to check out some funny looping cat videos.