How to Download macOS Mojave Public Beta Right Now


Here's a complete step by step guide on how to download macOS Mojave Public Beta on your Mac right now.

Download macOS Mojave Public Beta Today and Take it for a Spin Absolutely Free

macOS Mojave Public Beta beta is now available for download. This means that if you are not enrolled in Apple's Developer Program which costs $99 a year, then you can take the company's upcoming desktop operating system for a spin without spending a dime.

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Before you go ahead with the installation, it's important to know if your Mac supports macOS Mojave or not. You can check out the list posted here to make sure you have a green light ahead of you. Once you've found out that your Mac is supported then backup everything to iCloud or an external storage medium. Once that is out of the way, follow the steps outlined below on how to download macOS Mojave Public Beta.

Download macOS Mojave Public Beta [Tutorial]

Note: Though iOS 12 and tvOS 12 Public Betas are now available, Apple says that macOS Mojave Public Beta is 'Coming Soon.' We'll update our readers as soon as the beta is available.

Update: macOS Mojave Public Beta is now available for download.

1. On your Mac, launch Safari and go to the following URL:

2. Sign in to the website using your Apple ID, the very same one which you are using on your Mac.

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3. Now click on Enroll Your Devices at the very top.

4. Click on the giant blue 'Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility.'

5. Run the app and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Download macOS Mojave Public Beta

6. Once the Access Utility is done installing, the Mac App Store will launch and you'll see the macOS Mojave Public Beta ready for download.

Download macOS Mojave Public Beta

The entire download will take quite a bit of time so be patient when is running its course. I would recommend that you refrain yourself from using your Mac at this point so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Also, make sure that you've saved all your pending work before you start the download as a restart will be required to install macOS Mojave Public Beta.

Your Mac will restart several times during the installation after which you can proceed with things normally. The great thing about Public Betas is that everything happens over the air which means that you will not lose your files or settings at all after the installation is complete.

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