Download macOS 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1, tvOS 10.1 Beta 1 – Developers Only

Beta 1

Beta 1 of macOS 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1 and tvOS 10.1 are now available for download. These updates are available for registered developers only.

Apple Updates its Entire Software Lineup - Available to Download for Developers Only

Having released the latest version of its entire software lineup to the public a week back, Apple is walking into the future by issuing the first beta release of what is next. Apart from iOS 10.2 Beta, Apple has released the beta builds of macOS 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1 and tvOS 10.1. All of the software is currently available to download for registered developers only. This means if you do not have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand then you cannot access these bits at all since Cupertino's developer initiative is a paid-only affair, setting users back $99 on an annual basis.

If you do happen to have a membership at hand, then we suggest giving the new software a try. But remember, install the pre-release bits on devices that are not your daily drivers. After all, this is the first beta release of new software, therefore we can't predict at this point what bugs lurk underneath the hood. Furthermore, users should expect performance related issues as well, which is fairly common in early beta software.

Currently, it's unknown what new features the new beta builds bring to the table. But we will dig into all of them to see what Apple has in store for us. It's likely the new software packs a lot of bug fixes and performance enhancements as well as security patches. But as we dig deeper into the software we will know for sure what exactly we are dealing with here.

Wrap Up

Even if you're a non-developer, it's good to try out beta software at times just to get a glimpse of what Apple is working on. But at certain times, things can go south pretty miserably in terms of day to day use. If you fear you might end up hitting a roadblock using beta software then it's best to wait a couple of betas until things are refined to usable levels.

If you have no clue what you're dealing with then we highly recommend skipping beta software altogether.

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