Download iOS 13.1.1 / iPadOS 13.1.1 Update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Apple has just released iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Download it right now.

iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1 is a pure bug fix release. In case you are wondering what the changelog looks like, then have a look below:

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iOS 13.1.1

If you are few of the many people out there who is experiencing rapid battery drain, then this update is tailored specifically for you. Furthermore, having bug fixes of any sort is always a good thing and this update delivers on that end.

In order to download iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1 right away, simply plug your device to a power outlet, connect to WiFi, launch Settings, navigate to General > Software Update and tap on Download and Install as soon as the new build shows up. Or, you can check out this tutorial as well for a more detailed walkthrough of installing over the air updates: Install iOS 13 Final on iPhone Without Losing Files or Settings

If you wish to perform a clean install of iOS 13.1.1, you have that option as well. Simply follow the guide posted here: How to Clean Install iOS 13 Final on iPhone [Tutorial]

Whichever route you take to install the update, it's best that you do it quickly. There are numerous reports that users are plagued with devices that are rapidly dying out on them and this update happens to address that issue as soon as you are done installing it.

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If you have a device with deteriorating battery health, then you might want to check out the following: iOS 13 Battery Life Saving Tips for iPhone and iPad [Guide]

Download iOS 13.1.1 / iPadOS 13.1.1 IPSW File

For me, the biggest issue addressed in this update is Reminders. I have a ton of shared lists with people which I need to update constantly. But ever since iOS 13 jumped into the picture, things have been slow. In fact, so slow that I thought that my ISP might be broken when it comes to iCloud services. But hey, here we are with a brand new update and Apple admitting that their software is broken and they are fixing it bit by bit.