Google’s Android M And Next-Gen Nexus To Feature Fingerprint Authentication

Google has unwillingly confirmed the arrival of its Android M operating system at the I/O conference event 2015 next week. According to few other reports, Google is also said to unveil another important aspect in the OS. So it comes down to the point that Google is planning to build a fingerprint authentication system in the core of Android M.

As we all know, the fingerprint reader is already present in many flagships currently that use software built by the OEM. Hence, we are expecting to see the fingerprint scanner in Google's next generation Nexus handset. The fingerprint authentication will allow users to unlock their device to log in to their host supported applications on the Nexus. Lets roll down and learn a bit more in detail.

Fingerprint Authentication To Make Way To Android M And Next-Gen Nexus?

According to Buzzfeed and Ars Technica on separate reports, Android M might feature support for the fingerprint technology. Buzzfeed sourced the information in the following words:

“The new functionality will allow users to log in to all of the supported applications on their Android devices without entering a password,”

The rest of the Android M details were left undisturbed and no potential news has been shared. Motorola's Dennis Woodside said that the Nexus 6 was suppose to have a fingerprint scanner judging by the trend but Google was not satisfied enough with the available technology.


Ars Tecnnica coined the arrival of the fingerprint sensor through Google's commits in AOSP code. The source further stated that the company was considering plans to install the fingerprint authentication in Nexus 6 the year before. However, there are no guarantees made by Ars Technica on the provision of fingerprint authentication on Android M. However, if Google was considering it last year, it might pop up this year with enhanced technology and operations.

Since Google does not have a device with fingerprint authentication, there are two possible presumptions about the fingerprint scenario. Either it might arrive in a separate hardware device on the I/O event or if by any mean it comes to the Android M platform, it will remain inactive until the next Nexus device is announced. The current Nexus devices could not enjoy the fingerprint authentication system since they lack the hardware to do so.

There are more chances for the fingerprint sensor to come with the next Nexus which are alleged to launch in this fall of 2015. According to reports, Google is currently considering manufacturing the Nexus with two companies, LG and Huawei. So let time decide what Google has in store for its loyal users. Let us know in the comments, to what extent do you guys want to see a fingerprint sensor in the forthcoming Nexus.

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