Make Your Nexus 6 Faster By Disabling Encryption – How To


There are many ways how you can make your Nexus 6 faster, but what we have for you today is a little sever that requires technical know-how of the operation. As you all know, encryption and decryption are one of the reasons that slow down a smartphone, in our case, a Nexus 6.


Even though it may be advantageous with the security viewpoint, it can always be disabled to make your nexus 6 faster than before. Disabling encryption requires swaping your Nexus 6's Kernel with the one that does not involve encryption to begin with. It does not mean that you can never use the encryption tool again, the default settings of the new Kernel has encryption set to none. So lets get to it.

Disable Encryption With Modified Kernel And Make Your Nexus 6 Faster

Before we begin, there are some aspects that you need to consider that might come in handy. The Nexus 6 that you're using should be an unlocked variant and if it isn't, you can always use the Boot Unlocker For Nexus. Make sure the bootloader of  your Nexus 6 is unlocked. Keep a full backup of your data just in case the operation fails due to conflicting reasons. You must also have ADB Tools to complete the process. Download the corresponding files for your Nexus 6. Do tally the build number with your smartphone, else you might encounter issues. You can check your Build Number by going to Settings >> About Phone >> Build Number.

Step 1:

Enable USB Debugging. Do this by going to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap build number repeatedly until you see a confirmation message. Now head over to Settings again and navigate to developer options and check the USB Debugging box.

Step 2:

Turn off your device and reboot it in to bootloader mode. You can do this by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power Button. When you see the infamous Android-bot, press Volume Up and Power. You will access the bootloader mode.

Step 3:

Next, you must connect your nexus 6 to your Windows computer and locate ADB Tools folder and move your corresponding Nexus files there. When you do so, in an open area right click from your mouse and select 'Open Command Window Here'.

Step 4:

In the command box you must type the following command which will disable encryption on your nexus 6 by flashing the new Kernel. The 5.1 Kernel works with all build numbers so if it doesn't match, chill!

fastboot flash flash boot bootimg_noforceencrypt_lmy47d.img

Step 5:

Once the procedure is done and you have flashed the Kernel, reboot your device to the bootloader. Now on you computer, you must again type another command to wipe user data.

fastboot format userdata

Step 6:

Reboot your nexus 6 now and restore your data from the location you saved earlier. You have successfully flashed a modified Kernel that disables encryption.

This will now make your Nexus 6 smartphone much more smarter than before and we hope you see the difference for yourself. Do take note, if you're not into flashing ROMs or anything like it, we would suggest you to leave the the procedures to the ones who know. These are critical operations that require care and expertise, one wrong move and your device could get permanently bricked. As for now, let us know in the comments, how you liked the new faster feel of your Nexus 6?