Downgrade watchOS 3 Beta To watchOS 2 – Is It Possible?

Uzair Ghani
downgrade watchOS 3

Can you downgrade watchOS 3 beta to watchOS 2 on Apple Watch? We'll answer that question in an extremely prompt manner.

Can You Downgrade watchOS 3 Beta To watchOS 2? Well, Not At Home At Least

When it comes to iOS, macOS (OS X) and tvOS, you can roll back things to an older software version without much fuss. Of course, on iOS and tvOS that's only possible if Apple is signing the older firmware in the first place. But in plain words: you can downgrade the software in a prompt manner. But what about watchOS?

Well, on the watchOS side of the fence things aren't rosy at all. There's no way to downgrade back to an older watchOS firmware version. At least you can't do it in the premises of your home. Therefore, if you've installed watchOS 3 beta onto your Apple Watch, you cannot go back to watchOS 2. You have to receive the follow-up updates to the point watchOS 3 hits final version.

But, if you're willing to take your Apple Watch to Apple itself, then the company will grant you your downgrade watchOS 3 beta wish. But of course, you have to send your Apple Watch away for that. And it will take a few days until you receive back your wearable with watchOS 2 onboard. Not exactly ideal for a lot of people. But hey, it gets the job done. Also, keep in mind if you're in a country where Apple has no official presence and you're seeking for a downgrade, then you're completely out of luck.

Basically, at home, there's no way to downgrade watchOS 3 beta to watchOS 2. You should think at least five times before hitting that update button. watchOS 3 is currently in beta and not set for use on a daily driver. Even if you're planning to go ahead with the installation process, we recommend doing so on a spare device. One which does not serve the purpose of a daily driver with you.

Wrap Up

We are aware of the fact how tempting it is to try new software but things are different when it comes to the Apple Watch. Once you go beta, there's no going back immediately, until or unless you're determined to take a walk towards Apple's door.

Trying out watchOS 3 somewhere else before installing on your own Apple Watch is highly recommended. But personally, I would recommend waiting for a few betas to come out first as it will ensure stability and performance improvements even further.

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