Can I Downgrade watchOS 4 GM Back to watchOS 3? Simple Answer – No. Here’s Why


watchOS 4 GM is now available to download for developers and it’s just a matter of days till the final release is out. But the big question on everyone’s mind is: can I downgrade watchOS 4 GM back to watchOS 3 somehow? Long story short, no. Here’s why.

Whether it’s watchOS 4 GM or a Plain Beta, You Can’t Downgrade Back to watchOS 3 No Matter What You Do

The Apple Watch is a wonderful little product from Apple and serves as a perfect extension to the iPhone. But there are certain downsides to it too. For instance, you have little to no control over updates at all. Sure you can delay them manually, but once you update to a new version of watchOS 4, there’s no going back at all. This is not the case with iOS devices or even the Apple TV. If Apple is signing an older version of a firmware, you can simply download its image, restore using iTunes, and you’ll be back in business in no time.

You Can Now Download watchOS 4.3.2 for Apple Watch – Here’s How

With the Apple Watch, there’s no firmware you can download. Even if you do get your hands on it, it’s of no use at all. You just can’t interface the Apple Watch with a computer using the magnetic charging cable from Apple. That takes us to the question of whether or not you can downgrade watchOS 4 GM back to watchOS 3? You can not. It’s just not possible. Once you get onboard the beta bandwagon, you have to receive subsequent updates until you’re back on the final, public track. I know it sounds a little absurd, and a little inconvenient, but that’s how it is.

I sincerely hope that future Apple Watch models allow the user to restore firmware at will in case something goes wrong during the update process. Having said that, in case an Apple Watch update fails on your Apple Watch, and you end up with a warning on the display asking you to take your wearable to Apple for help, then you are potentially tarnished by the powers that lie in Cupertino.

When it comes to watchOS updates, be very considerate what you are doing. You need things to be absolutely sorted out well before anything even takes place. Keep your charger handy whenever a new update drops. You need everything to go through as smoothly as possible.