watchOS 3.1 Update for Apple Watch Users Released – How to Download

watchOS 3.1

Apple has released the full and final version of watchOS 3.1 update for Apple Watch users. Here's how you can download it.

watchOS 3.1 Update is Available for All Apple Watch Devices

Apple Watch users, including those with latest Series 2 and Series 1 devices, will be pleased to learn that watchOS 3.1 final is now available to download. And just like previous watchOS updates, this new one is available to download over the air only, and the process for downloading is pretty simple. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Download watchOS 3.1 Over the Air

  • Place your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger, first of all. If you don't do it, the update process will not move forward at all.
  • With your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, launch the Watch app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to General > Software Update.
  • The watchOS 3.1 update will pop right up. Tap on 'Download and Install.'

The overall installation process is going to take quite a bit of time since everything happens wirelessly over Bluetooth. So, before you reach the conclusion that your Apple Watch is stuck in a loop or something, do not be alarmed at all. Just give it a handful amount of time, and things will boot straight up.

Can I Downgrade watchOS 3.1 to WatchOS 3?

Unlike an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch whose firmware files are available to download directly, Apple Watch updates are available over the air only. This means you cannot downgrade back to an older firmware if you feel the need for it. Even if you have a beta version of watchOS running on your device, you're absolutely out of luck. You have to wait till the final build is released for Apple Watch in order to latch back onto the public release.

But, if you're willing to take your Apple Watch to Apple itself, they can help you with the downgrade process. Keep in mind the entire deal will take quite a bit of time, so be prepared for that.

Wrap Up

watchOS 3.1 is not a major release as it adds polish to the feature set laid down with the release of watchOS 3, which was released just last month. If you are in the ownership of an Apple Watch, be it the original or the latest lineup, then please go ahead and update without asking further questions. New watchOS updates only aim to enhance the overall wearable experience with no harm caused whatsoever.

Let us know in the comments section if you updated your Apple Watch to the latest release or not.

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