DOOM VFR Now Playable On Oculus Rift Thanks To SteamVR Latest Update


DOOM VFR has become available for purchase on Steam a few hours ago, but those with an Oculus Rift headset have been having troubles running the game. Thankfully, it seems like issues have been fixed.

A new SteamVR Beta update, which has been released a few hours after DOOM VFR, addresses the issue which prevented the game developed by id Software as well as others from running properly on Oculus Rift headsets.

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Added placeholder hidden area mesh for Rift users as a work around for Doom VFR and other titles experiencing launch issues.

Several users are reporting that the patch indeed allows the game to run properly now, as seen in the video below.

DOOM VFR brings the series fast-paced gameplay experience to VR, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game's world.

Set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC’s Martian research facility, you are the last known human survivor – until your death. Under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred to an artificial brain matrix. Your designated purpose: restore operational stability and use any means necessary to stop the onslaught of demons.


Experience DOOM combat and its iconic weapons and demons from an entirely new perspective

Physically interact with the DOOM universe as you seamlessly traverse across the UAC facility and Hell using teleportation and jet-strafe movement

Explore all-new UAC Martian research facility areas and discover the unique abilities of a cybernetic UAC security operative