DOOM Switch Port is Impressive and Subpar at the Same Time; Looks Attractive Despite Quality Drop

DOOM Nintendo Switch vs ps4

Panic Button’s DOOM Switch port is a remarkable release despite the drop in visual quality and performance.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry analyzed the Switch port of the shooter and concluded that the port is impressive and subpar at the same time. In general, the title runs at 600p during gameplay, and unlike its PS4/XO counterparts, the framerate has been lowered to a maximum of 30fps. Fortunately, the port remains attractive to look at, even more so if one would consider the Switch’s hardware.

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“In the final analysis, the Doom Switch conversion remains a remarkable release - we dubbed it 'the impossible port' and while we now have a firmer understanding of how this thankless task was achieved, we have mixed feelings about the end result. It's equally impressive and subpar at the same time. It looks and runs worse than any other version but on the other hand, it's a huge accomplishment for the Switch hardware itself and still manages to look pretty nice in the process.”

You can watch Digital Foundry’s analysis below:

Digital Foundry notes that DOOM Switch does suffer from bad frame-pacing and performance drops during major fire fights, but also mentions that the first might be fixed through a future patch. “And if Doom delivered a rock solid 30 frames per second on Switch, it would be difficult to complain - but unfortunately this is not the case” Digital Foundry writes. “There are basically two issues to address and the first one could potentially be corrected with a patch. Bad frame-pacing essentially makes the game look jerkier than it should, delivering new frames at 16ms, 33ms and 50ms intervals when running at 30fps. Correctly implemented frame-pacing would lock this to a locked 33ms per-frame persistence, giving a more solid, consistent experience.”

DOOM Switch is available now. The game is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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