DOOM Switch Gets First Screenshots From Running in Handheld Mode


DOOM Switch screenshots have surfaced from the game running in handheld mode on Nintendo’s new platform.

Bethesda already confirmed that the DOOM Switch port would be running in 720p in both docked and portable mode, but we can now see for ourselves how that actually looks when played in handheld mode.

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Courtesy of VG247 as part of their DOOM Switch hands-on, these screenshots look pretty good considering the hardware involved. Check out the new screenshots below:

As covered earlier, DOOM Switch will run at 720p/30fps, but is said to “appear different” when played in docked mode.

The DOOM Switch port is scheduled for a release later this year. The game was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 last year.

“We’re thrilled to be establishing an all new chapter in the world of  DOOM. We set out to create a game that captures the signature feel of DOOM but is built for a modern gaming audience on cutting-edge technology,” said Marty Stratton, executive producer at id Software upon the game’s announcement back in May of 2016. "At its core, DOOM is about powerful guns, crazy demons, and fast, relentless gameplay.  We believe that fans of the original and new players to the franchise will enjoy all that  DOOM  has to offer and we can’t wait for everyone to finally get their hands on it.”