DNF Duel Trailer Shows Berserker in Action

DNF Duel Berserker Arc System Works Nexon

DNF Duel's latest trailer published by Arc System Works showcases the character known as the Berserker. The trailer shows the Berserker as he overpowers his opponents and uses his own lifeblood to deliver powerful strikes. While the character wields a large weapon, it's clear that they don't have any issue using it to deliver quick and deadly strikes.

You can watch the trailer below:

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The video description made by Nexon and Arc System Works points out that in DNF Duel, the Berserker "overpowers his foes with the energy of his own lifeblood." The trailer then invites players to "watch and enjoy the play video of the frenzied zanbato-wielding warrior!"

DNF Duel has been revealed, alongside other games based on the Dungeon and Fighter franchise, last year. The game is based on the famous RPG franchise and is currently being developed by Arc System Works under the publishing of Nexon. The game uses 2.5D graphics a la Guilty Gear Strive to bring its characters to life.

The short overview provided by Nexon reads as follows:

The Dungeon and Fighter RPG franchise of 16 years is now back as a 2.5D fighting game! Join the battle as a Berserker, Inquisitor, Striker, Grappler, Ranger, and more!

While DNF Duel was announced and this trailer was recently published on the game's YouTube channel. No release date or platforms have been confirmed by neither Nexon nor Arc System Works. However, publisher Nexon confirmed that social media channels for the game are open on Twitter and Facebook. So, new updates will become available there.

In other fighting game news, the latest trailer for The King of Fighters XV brought the long-awaited return of Whip. The character from the NESTS saga can pressure her opponents from very far away with long-reaching attacks and potent anti-airs to cover several angles. Meanwhile, Happy Chaos was announced by Arc System Works as part of the latest Season Pass.

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