Dishonored Co-Creator Harvey Smith is Now Working On A New Project

Brittany Vincent

Arkane Austin's Harvey Smith dropped an interesting nugget during a recent interview with a Spanish publication called Vandal. It appears the Dishonored co-creator and veteran is a work on a new, unannounced game.

Smith said he had come back to Arkane Austin after spending four years at Arkane Lyon for Dishonored 2 recently, but it wasn't Deathloop he was on tap for. Instead, he said he was working "with the guys who made Dishonored and Prey" on "something else."

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Unfortunately, there weren't any further details as to what he meant by that. Arkane hasn't made any new announcements as far as new games go, so it looks like whatever project he's currently working on will remain secret for the time being. Other than confirming that Microsoft hadn't done anything to change how Arkane operates, he remained quite mum about the acquisition. He did praise Microsoft as a great partner for Bethesda, though.

It's still quite early in the year in terms of video game announcements go, though. Whatever Smith is working on at the moment, it's likely we may not hear much about it until the summer, when we normally would start seeing E3 plans or game announcements coming down the pipeline. It isn't clear what this year will look like for E3 programming or if it'll even exist at all, given COVID-19's hold on the globe.

Perhaps Smith will end up dropping hints going forward to see what type of project he's busy working with. A new IP would certainly be an interesting surprise at this juncture.

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