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DICE Details Significant Battlefield V Open Beta Changes


The Battlefield V Open Beta is almost upon us. Due to begin on all platforms on September 4th, 1 AM Pacific Time for those who pre-ordered the game or have an active Origin Access/Origin Premier Access/EA Access subscription, the Battlefield V Open Beta will be available to everyone on September 6th, 1 AM Pacific Time.

DICE have shared lots of information on the Battlefield V Open Beta, starting with the included content (maps, modes, weapons, vehicles et cetera) and concluding with a massive list of the changes made after the previous Closed Alpha test. Below we've included some of the most notable ones, such as weapon recoil, health system, and a detailed look at each class.

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In Battlefield V, we want the damage model to allow for more focus on headshots compared to Battlefield 1. For most of the weapons, a player that takes the time to accurately aim for the head will be rewarded with much more damage than a player that tries to quickly aim for the center mass or just hip-fires.

We’ve also worked to make ADS even more viable by removing things like aim-punch which could previously kick your sight away from your target during a gunfight if you ever get hit, resulting in missed shots and made close range fights much more often about hip-firing.

To give you a relatable comparison, we are getting a bit closer to Battlefield 3’s gunplay – especially with the addition of assault rifles that weren’t available in Battlefield 1. However, we don’t necessarily have equivalents to some of the weapons that killed really fast in Battlefield 3 due to the World War 2 weapons having on average lower rate of fire.

While the current body parts damage multipliers might get some adjustments moving forward (and based on the data we get from the Open Beta as well as your feedback), here is a comparison of how fast automatic weapons can kill at different ranges, with body shots (center-mass) only but also with headshots only:

Weapon Changes (General)
  • Weapon Recoil
    Changed the way recoil decreases on automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Initial recoil is much slower now. Previously recoil decreased very quickly from the first frame, which made it possible tap fire weapons close to their maximum rate of fire with significantly reduced recoil. While you will still have a bit less recoil now, the result is adequate for the loss in rate of fire.
  • Dispersion/Spread
    Completely changed the way dispersion (AKA “spread”) works. For the player, the most obvious effect will be a different behavior of your crosshair when shooting in hipfire. Besides that, small details in weapon handling have become more graceful. For example, you will no longer be stuck at terrible dispersion if you fire before or while going ADS, your weapon can regain some accuracy if you stop moving while firing and firing single shots too quickly can no longer build up unnecessarily large amounts of dispersion.
  • SMGs are now stronger at medium range. While still the worst weapon class [at this range], we moved out damage drop-off to allow medics to be somewhat competitive at medium range.

Health Changes
Some changes have been made to the way health is distributed in the game.

  • You no longer regenerate all your health.
  • You can no longer just be inside the radius of a health crate to regenerate health. You now instead need to go up to the health crate or station and interact with it.
  • You do automatically regenerate 30 pts of health still, as long as you are out of combat, though.
  • As a soldier you also now have the ability to pocket a health pouch for later use. (As seen next to the health bar.) You start without one however, and need to go pick one up. You apply the stored health pouch by holding 5 (PC) or D-PAD UP (Console).
  • There are several ways to restock your health pouch and start regeneration health in the game:
    • Medics can throw you a health pouch, which gives you a pouch AND starts your full health regeneration. One or the other or both if you need it. You need to stay out of combat for regeneration to start.
    • Medics equipped with it, can pop down the health crate, from which you get a health pouch AND start health regeneration.
    • Health supply stations populate the levels and works just like the health crates.
    • Supply drops can be called in by the squad leader and works like health crates too.
  • As a medic, you always have health pouches to distribute, or use.
    • They are equipped as a gadget and distributed with the gadget 1 key.
    • The medic can also self apply pouches the same way any other soldier does it.
    • There is a slight cool down for throwing out too many pouches in quick succession.

Ammunition for your weapons and gadgets will not automatically be resupplied in Battlefield V. Nor will you be able to stand inside the radius of an ammo crate and automatically be resupplied. Just like with health, you must interact with the ammo crate or ammo supply station.

  • The ways to acquire more ammunition for primary weapons and side arms are:
    • Interact with an ammo supply station.
    • Interact with an ammo crate deployed by a support class player.
    • Have a support player throw an ammo pouch to you.
    • Walk over an ammo pouch that has been dropped by a dead player. (No need to interact with that one. It will be picked up automatically.)
  • The ways to acquire more ammunition for your gadgets are:
    • Interact with an ammo supply station.
    • Interact with an ammo crate deployed by a support class player.
  • There is a slight cool down after interacting with the ammo crate or ammo supply station before it can be interacted with again.
  • The way a ground vehicle resupplies itself with ammunition, is by driving close to the vehicle supply station, and the holding the ‘self repair’ button when it says ‘resupply’. This will both repair and resupply the vehicle.
  • The way an airplane resupplies is by flying close to the airplane resupply point, marked with a supply icon in world This will resupply ammunition. Repairs are conducted by holding the ‘self-repair’ button anywhere.

Classes and Combat Roles
There are four classes in Battlefield V. Each of them comes with a ‘combat role’ A combat role is something you select with your class. In this beta there is one per class, but in the end product there will be more to pick from, so you can give your play style an edge.

  • The Assault
    • Mobile and and offensive
    • Carries the rifle grenade launcher
    • Access to stand-off anti tank weapons and explosives
    • Combat role: Battle Hardened
      • You auto re-generate 40 pts of health instead of 30 when critically wounded (counting from 0).
  • The Medic
    • Lightly armed but with a smoke grenade for cover
    • The ability heal and revive any friendly on the field.
    • The new ability to distribute health pouches for other players to keep
    • Can equip the deployable medical crate.
    • Combat role: Syringe revive
      • Everyone can bring back a squad mate with the ‘buddy revive’. But only the medic can bring back any team mate with the faster syringe revive.
  • The Support
    • Armed with powerful machine guns or shotguns
    • Has access to anti-tank mines
    • Has the ability to distribute ammunition or deploy ammo crates, that also re-supplies gadgets
    • Combat role: Fortifications expert
      • Can build all fortifications and also the heavy items like machine gun nests and tank traps.
      • Builds faster than the other classes.
  • The Recon
  • Armed with a bolt action sniper rifle or a light faster self loading rifle
  • The only class with access to the spotting scope and flare. The only item that can relay spotting information to the whole team, including aircraft, that can see spots farther away now
  • Access to the spawn beacon, for forward deploying the squad
  • Combat role: Tactical retreat
    • Will sprint faster when critically hurt.

Battlefield V was recently delayed to November 20th. Rosh played it at Gamescom 2018 and enjoyed it more than any other previous entry in the franchise.