Devs Not Too Fond Of PS4 Neo According To Kinda Funny’s Colin Moriarty

Apr 21, 2016

Developers aren’t too happy with the the PS4 Neo (PS4k or PS4.5), if Kinda Funny Vids founder, Colin Moriarty, is to be believed.

PlayStation NEO

Moriarty took to twitter to share that a “trusted source” told him that most developers aren’t too fond of Sony’s upgraded PS4 ‘Neo’ console. According to his source, developers aren’t happy with having to develop around it, and are faced with extra costs, additional planning, and other “nonsense”.

While Sony’s reasoning for an upgraded PS4 remains unclear, Playstation VR might well be one of the main reasons to introduce the ‘Neo’. Moriarty seems to be believe that this is indeed the case as well.

Sony hasn’t officially talked about its upgraded PS4, but website Giantbomb reported some interesting facts about the ‘Neo’ recently. If the information provided by Giantbomb is legit, Sony will be more than doubling the amount of horsepower available to developers in the upgraded version – something completely in-line with their plans to push PSVR and 4K content. Check out a comparison between the original PS4 and its upgraded counterpart down below.

Playstation NEO Technical Specifications

CPU Codename Jaguar Jaguar
Primary CPU Configuration 4 + 4 4 + 4
Auxiliary Processor Yes Yes
Clock Rate 1.6 Ghz 2.1 Ghz
GPU Codename Pitcairn derivative Polaris derivative
Control Units 18 36
Stream Processors (SP) 1152 2304 (TBD)
GPU Clock 800 Mhz 911 Mhz
Memory Clock (Effective) 1375Mhz (5500 Mhz) 1703Mhz (6812 Mhz)
Memory Bus 256 256
Rated Floating Point 1.84 TFLOPs 4.19 TFLOPs (TBD)
Bandwidth 176 GB/s 218 GB/s
Unified Memory 8GB GDDR5 (+250 MB DDR3) 8GB GDDR5 (+250 MB DDR3)
Process 28nm Planar 14nm FinFET

Sony’s upgraded console might well be the reason that Guerrilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn is possibly getting delayed into 2017 – to make use of the extra horsepower. We’ll update when we learn more.