Deus Ex and Hacked, 80,000 Users Data and 9,000 Resumes Stolen

Hassan Mujtaba

Deus Ex and sites went off yesterday after an unknown group hacked into Square Enix security and stole 80,000 users data and 9,000 resumes. Sites which were hacked included both Dues Ex and Edios .com. Chat logs have been found of the hackers conversations which show that they plan to release the users information on file sharing networks. They also mentioned to release the "src" too, Its unclear whether they meant the webiste source code or one of Edios games (Probably Dues Ex: Human Revolution).

Users of the site trying to login the site yesterday were greeted by the following message put up by hackers:

The sites are back up again and it would be a good choice for users to change their password. However, The intentions of the hackers was unclear whether they hacked in to steal the data or it could be more worse as suggested by one of the hackers chat log:

[16:07] evo: one thing that would be funny
[16:07] evo: i write a nasty virus
[16:07] evo: that will bsod on startup
[16:07] evo: fuck up all your drivers
[16:07] evo: delete tons of files
[16:07] evo: forkbom on start
[16:07] evo: etc
[16:08] evo: we put that in an exploit kit
[16:08] evo: on the main page
[16:08] evo: there security will be responsible
[16:08] evo: for like
[16:08] evo: thousands of fucked up computers
[16:08] evo: and it would make the news

Square Enix still hasn't commented back on the hacking attempt however there could be a possibility of Anonymous group to be behind the attack. Sony has recently been attacked by a wave of attacks by anon group which shutdown their PSN and SOE Online Services (Yet to be resumed).


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