Destiny 2 Microtransactions Are Getting Better, Transmogrification Also Coming

Destiny 2 Microtransactions

The subject of Destiny 2 microtransactions has become quite controversial over the years as more and more loot became available through the dreaded Eververse store rather than in-game activities. Back in Christmas 2017, for example, the community got really angry for the way that year's Dawning event was handled.

At long last, Bungie's Luke Smith revealed in the latest blog post that Destiny 2 microtransactions are about to get a lot better in Year 4, starting with the fact that earning Bright Dust in the game will be much easier.

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We are making it easier for you to earn Bright Dust.
    • We will be moving away from character-specific ways to earn Bright Dust and more toward Account-specific paths.
    • This change is geared toward giving one-character players significantly more Bright Dust than they earn today.
We’re updating the Bright Engram to be more relevant than it is today.
    • The earned Bright Engram in the Season Pass will be updated to include various Year 3 Eververse items previously sold for Silver and Bright Dust. And going forward, that Bright Engram will update each Season to include Eververse items from 3+ seasons prior.

That's not the only change. More loot will drop directly through Strikes and Raids, rather than having to be bought with Destiny 2 microtransactions through the Eververse store.

Each Season we will deliver an aspirational pursuit for armor. We haven’t done this consistently in Destiny 2.
    • This armor will come from activities, not the Season Pass nor Eververse.
        • As an example: We removed the Eververse Armor from Season 11 and itemized it into an aspirational activity, because this is the right thing to do for the game.
We are improving the rewards for Aspirational Activities (Raids, Trials, Dungeons)
    • Going forward, Aspirational Activities will reward players with power, items, and vanity.
        • When we build an Aspirational Activity it will have at least one accessory to pursue.
    • The team is working on Adept Weapons for Trials of Osiris.
    • Trials will get new Armor (aka not reprisal), accessories, and weapons in Season 13.
        • Trials will get new Armor every year.
    • Destiny’s next Raid will have brand new Armor, Weapons, and Exotic Accessories to pursue (no spoilers).
Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities.
    • We are not planning on changing existing items as that is time we could be spending on itemizing the future.
We will no longer be selling new Legendary Weapon Ornaments in Eververse.

These improvements announced for Destiny 2 microtransactions and loot distribution in general come just one week after Bungie announced that it would make its Seasons available all year long. It seems like the developer is making broad, sweeping changes to improve user accessibility, which can only be a good thing for Guardians on all platforms.

Last but not least, the game will also receive the 'transmogrification' feature at some point in Year 4, allowing Guardians to turn their Armor into Universal Ornaments. The current plan is to make it happen either through in-game effort or through the Silver currency.

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