Deathloop Comparison Confirms PS5 Display Modes Resolutions, High Quality Textures and More

Francesco De Meo

A new Deathloop comparison has been shared online, highlighting the visual differences between the two versions of the game.

The comparison, which has been put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, also confirmed the resolutions of the three display modes available on PlayStation 5, how AMD FSR impacts the PC version, and more.

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PS5 Ray-Tracing Mode: Dynamic 2160p at 30FPS with Ray-Traced shadows. (2160p ~ 1440p) 1800p Average
PS5 Performance Mode: Dynamic 2160p at 60FPS without Ray-Tracing. (2160p ~ 1368p) 1440p Average
PS5 Quality Mode: Dynamic 2160p at variable 60FPS without Ray-Tracing (2160p ~ 1800p) Average of 1800p
The PC version reduces its resolution by up to about 20% with AMD FSR with all settings in Ultra on an RTX 3080.

Deathloop on PS5 uses temporal reconstruction rendering to scale the resolution. I don't know if it's AMD FSR, but I wouldn't rule it out.
Ray-tracing is applied in the shadows generated by natural lighting and part of the ambient occlusion. However, the main character does not cast a shadow.
PS5 features some noisy shadows in Ray-Tracing mode. Especially in small closed places.
In some areas, when ray-tracing is activated, the lighting direction is also modified to favor and get more out of this option. This results some scenarios with quite interesting differences.
Reflections on PC have higher resolution, however their overall quality leaves something to be desired on both platforms.
The overall textures are of the same quality on both platforms and modes. Some have a quality really worthy of the Nextgen.
The PS5 quality mode features superior anisotropic filtering over Performance / Ray-Tracing mode (similar to the PC version).
The PC version has a slightly higher draw distance.
Ray-tracing mode on PS5 has stuttering issues. The quality mode ranges from 60 ~ 40fps.
Definitely, the most recommended way to enjoy Deathloop on PS5 is Performance. 60FPS is non-negotiable in this game.

Deathloop launches today on PC and PlayStation 5 worldwide.

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