Dead Frontier 2 Is A Survival Horror MMO Coming Out Soon on Steam Early Access

Alessio Palumbo

London based indie developer Creaky Corpse revealed that Dead Frontier 2 will be available on Steam Early Access starting August 31st.

It will be a free-to-play title like the first Dead Frontier, though that one was browser based. This one, on the other hand, will be a fully-fledged survival horror MMO played from a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective similar to Resident Evil 4 (or Resident Evil 2 Remake).

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The store page reveals that Dead Frontier 2 will feature both PvE and PvP content. The developers at Creaky Corpse currently plan to fully release the game within two years of the launch on Steam Early Access.

Below you can read more about the feature set. We've also embedded the launch trailer, which includes a brief look at gameplay action.


  • Old school survival horror awaits in this dark and atmospheric world. Conserve your ammo and make every shot count.
  • Scavenge for scarce resources and rare equipment in the twisting corridors of expansive and ever changing abandoned buildings
  • Come to the aid of the desperate survivors you encounter along the way, or leave them to their misery
  • Trade for what you need in a realistic player-driven economy
  • Create your own unique character build by selecting from a huge variety of skills, rare equipment and cosmetic items
  • Work together with other players or operate as a lone wolf
  • Take to the streets and settle scores in gripping PvP
  • Take part in huge global events; bringing down gargantuan boss creatures and defending outposts from the infected hordes (coming soon)
  • Barricade buildings to create your own safe-house (coming soon)
  • Ethical free-to-play. Spending real money will never give you a gameplay advantage. Only cosmetic items and utility upgrades are available from our shop.