Custom ROMs for Sprint Galaxy Note 2


Today we are putting together some flawless (almost) custom ROMs for Sprint Galaxy Note 2. Carriers often create a huge mess by putting in some needless limitations on the classic phones like Galaxy Note II. But that has never made XDA-developers stop their awesomesaucing geeky brains from bypassing those boundaries and reaching to a true custom device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is surely one the best Android devices of 2012, like several other carriers Sprint also opted to distribute this smartphone officially with its own tag. And that only means putting up some restrictions on customizations.

The list of Custom ROMs for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 is in no way any part of Top 5 or Top 10. They are being put together completely based on user feedback. Before moving forward, a few bits to get your Note II custom-ready? Sure!


  • Rooted Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • A USB Data cable to transfer files between PC and device
  • Create a backup of your important data, messages, apps, contacts, etc
  • USB Drivers properly installed
  • ClockworkMod installed

- MIUI v4 Unofficial ROM [JB: 4.1.2]

MIUI v4 pronounced as MeYouI is an Android aftermarket firmware developed by Xiaomi Tech, China. This unofficial ROM is based on Google’s AOSP but is itself closed source. MIUI is popular for its heavily customized user interface – which resembles Apple’s iOS & Samsung’s TouchWiz – and includes features like Mi-Launcher, Mi-Music, MIUI theme engine, custom toggles, Mi-Gallery and other apps.

Custom ROMs for Sprint Galaxy Note 2

This ROM is one the most famous ROM among Sprint GN2 section. Currently, LTE and video-camera remain non-functional but are constantly being worked on and would be fixed soonest.

MIUI is suitable for those Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900 users who prefer UI over the performance and speed. This ROM is stable, gets constant updates from developers, looks elegant and is workable for daily handling.

How to Install Custom ROM MIUI:

  • Take back up of all your important data including messages, call records, apps and calendar
  • Clean Wipe
  • Clear cache of your Note 2
  • Clear dalvik
  • Factory reset
  • Wipe system

Developer: lbxmobbin_1 Official MIUI Website 

- PAC-man v19.1.10 ROM [JB: 4.1.2]

Custom roms for sprint galaxy note 2

According to developers szl.kiev and KBizzle, PAC-man ROM is a combination of all the three brilliant ROMs available for Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or advance: P (ParanoidAndroid) + A (AOKP) + C (CyanogenMOD) = PAC-man ROM. The ROM has certainly got all the best cherries atop of the three custom ROMs, bringing an ultimate user experience for the legendary Galaxy Note 2.

The latest build is a combination of PA v2.55, AOKP M1 and CM10 named v19.10, published this month. PAC-man would be most appreciated by the users who are lover of these three Custom ROMs and want to enjoy all of these three at one time. Performance, UI, stability and speed are one of the best available ROMs out there.

How to Install PAC-man:

  • Boot into recovery
  • Clear cache
  • Wipe data
  • Factory reset
  • Wipe dalvik
  • Flash ROM & Gapps
  • Reboot

Note: Does not come with Paranoid Preferences. This is a request of the PA team, as it is a closed source apk. You can pull it from slick_ricks PA rom. (Place into system/app, set permissions RW-R–R–, reboot.

Developer: KBizzle - XDA threadPA WebsiteAOKP Website & CM Website

- ParanoidAndroid 2.56 Unofficial ROM [JB: 4.1.2]

Paranoid Android (PA) has been building ROMs for Android devices since the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The current ROM is based on CyanogenMod code and is truly a wonderful ROM showing all the enthusiasm of the team – one of the best aftermarket firmware building team for Android.

PA is majorly popular because of the level its User Interface could be modified – per-App DPI and per-app colors can be easily changed by users along with some simple scrolling, tapping of ParanoidAndroid settings. As it is based on CM, you would definitely be getting all the CM features including DSP Manager, CM theme engine, etc.

Extremely lag-free and pretty beautiful, PA v2.56 Alpha 3 Build is quite one stable ROM but you might have to compromise with performance at time because of the heavily coded UI.

Note: The ROM is claimed not to have any bugs but issues from the base CM10 would persist and should be consulted before flashing the ROM.

custom roms for sprint galaxy note 2

How to Install Custom PA:

  • Boot into recovery
  • Create a backup
  • Wipe data
  • Clear cache
  • Wipe dalvik cache
  • Factory reset
  • Wipe dalvik
  • Flash ROM: http://D-H.St/C2r
  • Flash GAPPS (even when you are updating): Http://D-H.St/X4a
  • Reboot – Do not restore your old properties for now
  • Edit your apps DPI and Layout under Settings > Paranoid Settings
  • Tap Configuration, if you want to explore phone modes. Choose an option, let it finish, and manually reboot.

Developer: slick_rick - Video TutorialXDA threadPA Github ,PA Changelogs

- LIQUIDSMOOTH Jelly Bean ROM [JB: 4.2.1]

LiquidSmooth is an aftermarket firmware based on Android AOSP code. Smooth, stable and fast ROMs to enhance user experience is what LiquidSmooth tries to achieve. The ROM has also got some tidbits of CyanogenMod, AOKP and Xylon source code so you would be getting some features of them too. Navigation Bar widgets, Status bar MODs, theme engine, Chronus clock widget and customizable quick settings panel are just a few features from the big list.

The LiquidSmooth Jelly Bean Beta 3.1 for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 4.2.1 is a worthy try for those people who want to have a smooth, stable and a powerful ROM. Non-questionable battery life and snappy UI is what LiquidSmooth has to offer you.


First time installing a 4.2 AOSP ROM or moving from another ROM?

  • Flash the latest official ClockworkMod recovery
  • Copy GApps & Liquid ZIP files to your SD card
  • Boot into recovery
  • Flash Liquid zip from SD card
  • Flash GApps zip from SD Card
  • After getting done with GAPPS and flashing Liquid, do a data wipe and Factory reset or your Note 2 will get stuck at boot
  • Reboot
  • Don’t restore data using Titanium backup
  • Restoring apps and data is not recommended.

Developer: dg4prez - XDA thread, LiquidSmooth WebsiteLS Github