Crysis Remastered New Hotfix Fixes DLSS Issues; New Console Update Will Feature “Amazing” Additions

Crysis Remastered

A new Crysis Remastered hotfix has gone live, fixing some issues introduced by last week's update.

The new hotfix temporarily disables Motion Blur until it is fixed. Additionally, the hotfix fixes a DLSS issue that disabled the feature even on DLSS-capable systems.

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Last week's Crysis Remastered update did not release on console, but it seems like something is brewing for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. The upcoming update will apparently feature some amazing additions.

Crysis Remastered launched on PC and consoles last year. The game does play somewhat well, not counting some issues, but the remastered visuals leave a lot to be desired on consoles, as highlighted by Kai in his review.

Perhaps my memories of the original Crysis were more rose-tinted than I recall from my machine that certainly couldn’t come close to running the game any higher than the recommended medium settings. For a game that I’ve been waiting over a decade to play at its absolute best, the console releases of Crysis Remastered leave much to be desired. So yes, the PlayStation 4 Pro can run Crysis Remastered but part of me is left wondering if I really want it to.

Crysis Remastered is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The classic first person shooter from Crytek is back with the action-packed gameplay, sandbox world, and thrilling epic battles you loved the first time around – now with remastered graphics optimized for a new generation of hardware.

Suit up: Your Nanosuit’s speed, strength, armor, and cloaking allow creative solutions for every kind of fight.

Adapt: In an ever-changing environment, adapt your tactics to dominate on battlefields ranging from frozen jungle to alien environments.

Customize: A huge arsenal of modular weaponry provides unprecedented control over play style, with options ranging from the experimental to the alien.

Conquer: Life-like enemy AI require a strategic and flexible playstyle, as new challenges – including a zero-g battlefield– require players to take the offensive and be proactive.

Explore: Choose your own path through the open world of Crysis, destroying obstacles, driving vehicles, and using the environment itself against your enemies.

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