Far Cry 3 European Release Date Confirmed


Earlier today, Ubisoft unveiled the new trailer for open-word shooter Far Cry 3, which is the sequel to 2008's Far Cry 2 which sold around 3 million copies and was a modest critical success scoring 85% on Metacritic across all 3 platforms, which was quite a feat in 2008, when most of the multiplatform games had an inferior PS3 port. But while Far Cry 2 featured an African savannah setting, Far Cry 3 will return to the series's roots by taking place in a heavily vegetated archipelago in the style of the original Far Cry.

Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? - Vaas

So the walkthrough shown at E3 2011 introduced us to the protagonist, Jason Brody, who's stranded on the island   looking for his girlfriend. He is soon captured by the local militia and introduced to Vaas, who is... crazy. Crazy is an understatement for this character. He is enthralled with the definition of insanity and then throws a tantrum without a reason. And throwing tantrums is not the only thing he does, he throws Jason into a natural pool of water with a cinder block tied to his feet. Of course, he escapes and then returns to destroy his base and fly away on a helicopter, only to have the chopper crash. Of course, Vaas returns and asks Jason if he ever told him the definition of insanity.

Today, Ubisoft released a cinematic trailer telling us how Jason arrived on this uncharted island via boat and how the place he was staying at got attacked by Vaas's men. Vaas himself shoots Jason's friend and then Jason runs away to the beach, only to see that his boat isn't there anymore. The most interesting part about this trailer is the release date. 7th September, 2012 seems to be the release date for Europe and most probably the North American version will launch around the same date. You can see the trailer below:

From a personal standpoint, Vaas seems to be an epic character and his voice actor is truly talented. He is genuinely terrifying. What do you think about Vaas? Are you excited for Far Cry 3? Post in the comments section!