Confirmed: Windows Mobile 7 will Be Announced on Mobile World Congress 2010

Yes people, I think Engadget might have had a hint but we can tell you for sure that Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, will announce the launch of Windows Mobile 7 on Monday in Mobile World Congress.

But wait, we have more to tell... Here is what people do not know about what will be in Windows Mobile 7.

First of all, as already indicated by Engadget, it WILL be called "Windows 7 Series" but people don't know that Microsoft has been testing this OS on phones by LG and Samsung as well therefore we can expect both companies to come up with Windows 7 Series OS in near future.

The user interface or UI will be based on Zune and it will have addition functionality for the gamers as Windows 7 Series will have Xbox like gamer tags functionality.

The OS will also feature an enhanced functionality of Geo Tagging with Google Maps this giving the user an added bonus for fully utilizing Google Maps for their pictures and events.

Now another good news for HTC HD2 fans. The most talked about smart phone after HTC Google Nexus One, will be upgradable to Windows 7 Series. Although the actual mechanics of how the upgrade will happen is yet to be revealed but the owners of HD2 will have some real good raw power in their hands with Windows 7 Series.

The event will be broadcast live over the Internet on Microsoft's website so at least I will be there, if not in person then virtually.

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