Samsung’s Galaxy S9 And S9+ Will Launch On February 25th At MWC’s Sidelines; The LG G7 Will Not Launch At Conference

We've got some mixed news from South Korea today. 2018's with us and ready to start off the flagship smartphone race is Samsung. The Korean tech giant hit a home run last year with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Now, it's looking to build on them. After all, just a year back, Samsung had its back to the wall. Not only did its board face corruption charges, the company's Galaxy Note7 went down in flames as well. Will the company's graph continue to trend upwards this year? Looks like we won't have to wait long to find out. Take a look below.

Samsung Will Launch The Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9+ On February 25th; LG And Huawei Will Not Launch Their Flagship Smartphones This MWC

After a brief lull, the rumor mill is back with the Galaxy S9. The leaks are sparse this year, since no dramatic upgrades will make it, when compared to 2017. However, this doesn't mean we'll get no upgrades. Recently, a lot of details for both the S9 and S9+'s rear cameras have surfaced. The big news is that a dual camera setup will finally make it on the lineup. Samsung will follow Apple and equip the larger S9+ with a rear dual camera.

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However, if that makes you think the S9 will be left out, you could not be far from wrong. The smaller gadget will receive a variable aperture camera sensor, allowing it to adjust the amount of light that is let in. This is a big upgrade, one which marks a step towards professional photography on gadgets.

Now, the Korean media has fresh details for the S9 pair's launch date. Samsung is expected to launch them at the sidelines of this year's Mobile World Congress. And now, we've got a date. According to ETNews, the S9 and S9+ will launch on February 25th, available in South Korea around March. However, if you're also looking forward to new gadgets from Huawei and LG, we've got disappointing news.

ETNews claims that they will not launch any top-tier smartphone at the MWC. For LG, the reasoning behind this decision is simple. The company does not want to create a 'showdown' with Samsung in Barcelona. We're inclined to agree with this, especially as LG's performance in flagships isn't stellar. And from this decision, either the company has something big planned, or another run of the mill flagship. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: ET News

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