Conan Exiles Announces New Year 2 Season Pass, First Chapter Drops Today

It’s been a bit of a rocky road for Conan Exiles since launching in early access form in early 2017, but, apparently, the game is still doing fairly well for publisher Funcom, as they’re launching a new season pass for the game today. The Year 2 Season Pass will consist of four updates -- Treasures of Turan, Riders of Hyboria, Blood and Sand, and Mysteries of Acheron – the first of which, is available today. You can checkout a trailer for Treasures of Turan, below.

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Here’s the full Treasures of Turan rundown, courtesy of Funcom:

The Treasures of Turan Pack, brings the opulent gilded palaces of Turanian culture right to your fingertips. With the Treasures of Turan Pack you can build palaces adorned with glittering statues, tame rhinos and elephants as pack animals, and dress in the finest Turanian silks and Phalanx armor.

  • 39 Turanian building pieces - A full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets - Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each
  • 9 new weapons in one Turanian weapon set - same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon
  • 5 new Turanian warpaints - Decorative warpaints symbolizing opulence and glory
  • 9 new placeables, such as the standing lamp and brazier - Craft them at the new Turanian Artisan table
  • 2 new exclusive pack animal pet skins - Adorn your rhinos and elephants with rich and golden trimmings

The Conan Exiles Year 2 Season Pass will set you back $30. You also have the option of buying each individual DLC pack for $10.

Conan Exiles is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Year 2 Season Pass is only available on PC and PS4 for now, although it should hit Xbox One soon.

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