Conan Exiles Launching Today While Funcom Boasts 1+ Million Units Sold


Conan Exiles is available now (priced at €40 on PC and €50 on consoles) on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, after over a year of Steam Early Access and about nine months of Xbox One Game Preview.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais announced that the game had sold over a million units prior to this date and then added in a statement:

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Conan Exiles is already one of the most successful titles in Funcom’s 25-year history. This has been a great experience for us. When I look at the incredible journey the game has gone through in just 15 months of Early Access as well as the very positive development in player reviews over the past few months, I feel confident that we’ve been successful in what we set out to do. I’m very proud of the amazing work everyone on the team has done.

Below you can find a nifty infographic on what's been added and/or improved since the initial Early Access release of Conan Exiles, as well as the latest additions of the launch patch.


Now that launch day is here an entirely new religion will be made available to players. Derketo is the goddess of fertility and death, whose followers engage in sexualized and sometimes lethal rituals. Her dual nature makes her avatar a sight to behold: one half appearing as a beautiful woman, her body in the prime of life, while the other half is a rotting corpse and degenerated corpse.

Followers of Derketo will be able to craft a special knife, Derketo’s Kiss, that extracts unfulfilled desires from fallen enemies. These Slivers of the Unfulfilled can be used to turn deadly poisons into sweet honey, or when combined with insects, made into potions that will heal wounds and enhance the endurance of whoever drinks it. As their religious devotion grows, followers of Derketo can learn how to transmute vines into bread or oil into blood, before finally learning how to make the powerful Lusttaker, a sword touched by Derketo herself.


Towering over the Frozen North lies the mighty volcano, with molten fury pouring across jet-black slopes. Those who dare challenge the crag can harness the power of Obsidian and discover a mysterious cult worshiping an unknown, ancient power. Within the volcano itself, explore the ominous light emanating from the Well of Skelos - those who brave its depths will be rewarded handsomely. Just beware the searing hot temperatures - who knows what ancient secrets lurk within! The volcano and its encounters are balanced for the most powerful of warriors to explore.

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Follow the big river east and you will find the swamp. This huge new area offers deep jungles, wet marshes and a sunny coastline filled with pirates. You can build well-protected castles or even entire cities up in the massive trees of the swamp.

There are many new monsters to fight in the swamp and lots of places to explore, from the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts to Jamilia’s Liberty, a massive beached ship which the Black Hand pirates have made their home. There is also the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, the ruins of an ancient Lemurian city being devoured by the encroaching jungle and the Palace of the Witch Queen dungeon. The swamp has been made for characters between level 20 and 40.

Patch Notes TL;DR
  • Player thralls now follow same rules as buildings for taking damage from players. Both PvE and PvE-Conflict servers will have invincible thralls.
  • Thralls should no longer fall under the ground while being dragged in singleplayer/co-op
  • Regeneration from healing potions now breaks on taking damage
  • Bandage healing now breaks on movement
  • Players now do 1% of their melee damage to buildings, this is controlled with PlayerBuildingDamageMultiplier