Computex 2020 Rescheduled To September 28-30


In the wake of multiple tradeshows getting canceled, people were expecting Computex 2020 to meet the same fate as well, but it looks like the biggest PC hardware event of the year has just been rescheduled to September 28-30, 2020. This is great news because it would mean that any announcements the companies were planning to make are just be delayed by roughly 4 months.

Computex 2020 rescheduled to the end of September

It goes without saying, however, that this reschedule should be taken with a grain of salt (oh the irony) because it's based on a few assumptions: namely the COVID pandemic achieving some sense of normality by the second half and things being on the road to recovery. If the reports about COVID becoming less virulent in summer are inaccurate, then it is possible that Computex, like its sister shows, is canceled in its entirety.

According to whispers on the grapevine, this reschedule was based on a report by McKinsey Consulting which expects COVID to get under control by Q3 of 2020. This is going to happen as soon as we have a reliable date for the availability of a vaccine and/or the Coronavirus dying out (unlikely). Whatever the case may be, all hardware enthusiasts would have their fingers crossed for the largest PC-centric trade show of the year.

Here is the full translated version of the press release:

Affected by the severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, as of the date of publication, more than 300,000 people have been diagnosed and distributed in 167 countries around the world, which has severely impacted the economy, trade, transportation, exhibitions and tourism and other industries. COMPUTEX organizer Taipei Computer Association Director Du Quanchang and Secretary General of the Foreign Trade Association Ye Mingshui jointly announced that based on maintaining the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors, taking into account the benefits of the exhibition and maintaining the COMPUTEX brand image, it was originally scheduled for June 2 to 6 this year The held COMPUTEX will be postponed until September 28th to 30th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2.

In order to continuously serve the exhibitors and buyers in need around the world, and take into account the health and safety of all attendees, this September COMPUTEX 2020 Special Edition will present key topics such as 5G and Netcom, smart solutions, e-sports and InnoVEX. According to McKinsey's latest epidemic report, the epidemic in China and East Asia will be controlled at the beginning of the second quarter, and the epidemic in Europe and the United States will slow down in June.

For exhibitors who continue to support COMPUTEX, the organizer will conduct COMPUTEX online exhibitions on the website, invite global buyers to participate in video purchase negotiations, and invite domestic and overseas indicator manufacturers to launch online new product conferences. At the same time, domestic and foreign investment indicators Sex industry players, sharing the smart technology applications and latest trends of 5G, AI, Internet of Things, etc. in a network format.