Civilization VI’s Next Frontier Pass Update Adds Byzantium, Gaul, and a Dramatic New Mode

Civilization VI

Earlier this year Firaxis launched the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass, which will eventually deliver 8 new civs, 9 leaders, and a variety of additional modes. We already got the Maya and Gran Columbia pack back in May, and Ethiopia in July, and now in September Firaxis is adding Byzantium and Gaul. The update will also add a couple additional wonders (the Statue of Zeus and Biosphere) and a new mode, Dramatic Ages, which will increases the frequency of Golden and Dark Ages. Check out an overview of the September New Frontier Pass update, below.

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And here’s a look at Byzantium under Basil II, which focuses on military might and spreading religion (a trailer for Gaul has yet to be released).

Here’s a bit more detail about Byzantium:

Basil II (aka Basilius II) was the emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 976 to 1025 CE. He is remembered for conquering ancient Bulgaria, where he became known as the Bulgar-Slayer (Bulgaroktonos). Basil II's reign is one of the most significant in Byzantine history due to his constant military campaigns; these exploits led to the zenith of Byzantine power in the Middle Ages.

Unique Leader Ability - Porphyrogénnētos

Basil II’s “Porphyrogénnētos” ability allows Heavy and Light Cavalry units to do full damage against cities following the same religion as Byzantium. Basil II also gains the Tagma unique unit when the Divine Right civic is discovered.

Unique Units - The Dromon And The Tagma

The Dromon replaces the Quadrireme, has additional range, and receives additional Combat Strength against units. The Tagma replaces the Knight and grants nearby land units additional Combat Strength or Religious Strength.

Unique District - The Hippodrome

This district replaces the Entertainment Complex district, is cheaper to build, and provides additional Amenities. Grants a Heavy Cavalry unit when the Hippodrome and its buildings are constructed.

Civilization VI is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The Byzantium and Gaul update arrives on September 24.

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