Civilization VI New Frontier Pass Trailers Show Off the Maya and Gran Colombia


Last week Firaxis announced the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass, which will deliver 8 civs, 9 leaders, and a variety of new modes over the next year. The first big New Frontier update drops tomorrow, and will add Gran Colombia under legendary South American revolutionary Simon Bolívar, and the Maya under the powerful and long-reigning 7th century queen, Lady Six Sky. You can check out a trailer for Gran Colombia under Bolívar, below.

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As you would expect, Gran Colombia is largely a military-focused civ, boasting the unique Comandante General unit, which grants various combat bonuses. Here’s the complete Gran Colombia rundown:

Unique Leader Ability - Campana Admirable

Whenever Gran Colombia enters a new era, it automatically earns a unique unit, the Comandante General. This unit is granted regardless of which type of Age is triggered.

Unique Ability - Ejercito Patriota

Gran Colombia’s unique ability grants additional movement to all units. Additionally, promoting units does not end that unit’s turn.

Unique Unit - Comandante General

This unique unit has a wide range of passive and active effects. The Comandante General can increase combat bonuses, upgrade military units and more.

Unique Unit - Llanero

This musical warrior replaces the Cavalry unit and becomes stronger with each adjacent Llanero. If the Llanero is in range of a Commandante General activating their unique ability, the Llanero will regain all lost health.

Unique Improvement - Hacienda

The Hacienda provides Production, Gold and Housing bonuses, and a Food bonus for each adjacent Plantation. Haciendas and Plantations also receive Production bonuses for adjacent Haciendas.

Meanwhile, the Maya seem to be largely an agricultural civ, as they get Gold and Housing bonuses from building farms and can construct Observatories, which get Research bonuses for being placed next to farms. Here’s the complete Maya rundown:

Unique Leader Ability - Ix Mutal Ajaw

This unique ability grants Maya yield bonuses to non-capital cities. It also adds a combat bonus to units within six tiles of the capital.

Unique Ability - Mayab

This ability gives the Maya Housing and Gold bonuses from Farms, and grants an Amenity bonus for Luxury resources adjacent to the City Center. Settling adjacent to Coasts or Fresh Water does not provide housing bonuses.

Unique Unit - Hul’che

This unit is a stronger replacement for the Archer and receives bonus combat strength when attacking wounded units.

Unique District - The Observatory

This District replaces the Campus and grants a minor adjacency bonus with Farms and a major adjacency bonus with Plantations.

Civilization VI is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The $40 New Frontier Pass kicks off on May 21 will the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack.