How to Check Your Current iPhone Battery Health Right Now

iPhone battery health

Here's how you can check your iPhone battery health using a few apps straight from the iOS App Store or straight from iOS itself.

Check Your iPhone Battery Health and See if You Need a Replacement.

Now that the cat is out of the bag with Apple revealing that it throttles iPhones with old batteries, it's best to get in on the action by checking your own iPhone battery health. You can do so by using a set of apps on the App Store, absolutely free.

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Once you've established you have a deteriorating battery, you can take the appropriate set of action(s). This may include getting a replacement battery straight from Apple itself which will set you back only a mere $29. But there's once catch though: you should have at least an iPhone 6 or later at hand, and the $29 offer is valid till December 2018. If you have an older device, like an iPhone 5s, then you cannot avail the offer from Apple. Still, it's something.

Battery Care - FREE.


Are you concerned about the current state of your battery? Do you want to be certain that your battery is running at the right parameters? Welcome to Battery Care, the best battery app that will help you with all of that and so much more.

Download Battery Care for iOS [App Store link]

Battery Life - FREE.


Did you ever wonder why your device's battery is always running low?

With Battery Life and its technique to identify battery runtimes you will always know what's wrong with your battery.

Download Battery Life for iOS [App Store link]

Check iPhone Battery Using iOS.

This might sound a little surprising but you can actually check the health of your battery using iOS itself. If you have iOS 11 installed, simply head over to Settings > Battery on your iPhone. Right at the top, if you have a bad battery, you'll see a warning label stating 'Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.' If you don't see it, then it means that your iPhone battery is absolutely fine, for now. And let's hope it stays that way.

Take Your iPhone to Apple.

If you still unsure about your iPhone's battery, then it's best to take it to Apple itself. Just source yourself the nearest Apple Store, get a Genius appointment and you're good to go.

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