CES 2020: Colgate’s New iPhone-Connected Smart Toothbrush Can Detect Plaque in the Mouth, Guarantees Thorough Cleaning


Colgate just announced a brand new iPhone-connected smart toothbrush that will ensure cleaner teeth and superior oral health.

Reach for Superior Oral Health with Colgate's New Plaqless Pro Smart Electric Toothbrush, Best of Innovation award for Health and Beauty CES 2020

Whenever we are chugging down that beautiful chocolate cake or drinking unearthly amounts of soda, what we are doing to our teeth and gums is the least of our concerns. Sure, you can have cake, go on. But, you really, really need to keep your mouth clean if you want to retain your real teeth in your sixties. That's why products like the Colgate Plaqless Pro exist. But unlike any regular smart toothbrush, this one has an amazing trick up its sleeve.

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The Colgate Plaqless Pro comes with an accompanying Colgate Connect app on the iPhone, and it will tell you how to brush, where to brush and for how long you should brush. Sounds simple right? It is, except that the Plaqless Pro goes several miles forward and will actually tell you if there is a build up of plaque inside your mouth thanks to its optical sensors. The toothbrush will start flashing blue if plaque is found, and will eventually turn white when you get rid of it.

But that's not all, there are more sensors inside the toothbrush that map your mouth and will tell which parts are dirty and need further cleaning. If you ever thought toothbrushes can't get this smart, boy were we all wrong.

There is no price yet, and Colgate says that the Plaqless Pro will be available some time later this year.