Cemu 1.11.5 Brings Significant Zelda Breath Of The Wild Perfomance Improvements

Francesco De Meo

A new version of the Cemu emulator, version 1.11.5, has been released to Patreon backers this week, and reports suggest that the emulator brings significant performance improvements for Zelda Breath of the Wild, among other games.

The Breath of the Wild performance improvements are showcased in a new video shared by BSoD Gaming. Performance improvements over the previous Cemu version are in the range of 5 - 10 FPS, which is a huge difference.

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Cemu 1.11.5 brings other changes outside of emulation improvements, such as support for emulating Wiimote controllers using keyboard and USB controllers and more. Catch the full patch notes below.

general: Updated game profiles
general: Added more logging options and cleaned up logging menu a bit
general: Enabling online mode now requires all ccert/scert files

input: Added support for emulating Wiimote controllers using keyboard/usb-controllers (no native support yet!)
input: Reworked the input settings window to open a lot faster

coreinit: Fixed MEMAllocFromExpHeapEx not handling negative alignment correctly
coreinit: Fixed MEMGetAllocatableSizeForExpHeapEx sometimes returning the wrong size
coreinit: Added API MEMCreateUserHeapHandle(), OSCopyFromClipboard()
coreinit: Fixed a potential crash in FSReadFile/FSReadFileAsync when the specified length is zero

AX: Rewrote snd_core2 audio driver
AX: Added snd_core1 API AXGetMaxVoices(), AXSetVoiceSamplesAddr()

GX2: Reduced shader compile time and RAM usage for Nvidia GPUs
GX2: Added support for creating cube-map views into 2D array textures
GX2: Added support for more vertex attribute formats

swkbd: Added support for Unicode input + some minor tweaks

nlibcurl: Fixed a crash bug in curl_multi_perform

Cemu 1.1.15 is now available only for Patreon backers. It will be released to the public this week, on March 3rd.

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