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CDPR Comments on Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reception & Current, Far From Finished, Development State


Developer CD Projekt Red has commented on the recent Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reception and the game’s current state of development.

The Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2018 gameplay demo has been very well received among various media outlets and the recent public gameplay was watched by nearly half a million viewers. Reactions to the 2018 Xbox E3 trailer and behind-closed-doors demo have been amazingly positive, and during CD Projekt Red’s most recent financial earnings call with investors, CEO Adam Kiciński commented on the reception among fans and critics.

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“So, the most important thing, we started cyberpunk campaign. We started it on the most important fairs, E3 in LA that took place in June”,  Kiciński told investors. “Shortly before the fairs, during Microsoft conference on Xbox, our trailer was presented for the first time in an incredible way. It was sort of a crowning of the Microsoft conference and it was really very emotional for us.”

CDPR’s CEO then went on to point how popular the E3 trailer and behind-closed-doors demo has been. “The trailer was then placed on the Internet and until today, it was viewed more than 25 million times. It’s an absolute record in terms of our video materials. And during the fairs, we were showing a 50-minute piece of the gameplay. Every hour, we showed it behind closed doors and we invited representatives of the media influencers and business partners. All in all, the piece of the gameplay was seen by more than 1100 people. Thanks to this, during E3, the game won more -- won new awards, more than 100 awards during E3. That's twice as many as the Witcher 3 on Analogous [ph] Fair, when we were showing it for the first time in 2013.”

Player feedback following public gameplay reveal

During the conference’s Q&A session, Kiciński was asked about player feedback following yesterday’s public gameplay reveal.

“Well, I haven't read through any summary whatsoever, but I have read through the feedback and the general tone of feedback is very positive”, he replied. “We are more than interested in what the players are thinking. We’re quite self-conscious because the game like we said in a presentation is not in its final stage and I don't mention imperfections, I also mean some solutions that are still subject to change. But following these two trade events, we decided we owed that to the players that we should show them what we've got. Reception by our environment, by the media that saw the demo in free and in Gamescom was very positive. So what we can see, what we can read through the feedback, what I managed to read tonight, that was more than positive.”

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Cyberpunk 2077's current unfinished state of development

CD Projekt Red’s CEO and President later had something more to share about the game’s current unfinished development state as it was previously stated it’s currently playable from start to finish.

“Well, you saw today and what is available on YouTube, the 47 minute is the polished piece, but not the whole game”, Kiciński explained. “The rest of the game, well, there's no good word in Polish. We say that it's a framework. You can go through it till the very end, but you don't want to see this. We can’t show it at this level. But from a production point of view, this is the way it should be, this is how you develop games, but still there is a lot of work ahead of us.”

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on PC and consoles on a yet to be announced release date.