Call of Duty WWII Will Get A PC Beta; Airborne Division, Supply Drops And More Detailed

Francesco De Meo
Call of Duty WWII

In a little over a day, select PlayStation 4 owners will be able to take part in the Call of Duty WWII private beta. The beta is also going to be held in early September on Xbox One, but there has been no mention of a possible PC beta until very recently.

Answering a question on the Call of Duty WWII subreddit, Sledgehammer Games Michael Condrey confirmed that a PC beta is coming. No date has been revealed, but we will likely hear more about the matter once the PlayStation 4 private beta is over.

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Condrey also revealed some additional details on one of the game's Divisions,  the Airborne Division.

The airborne division is the only division that can put a suppressor on an SMG. You can take an SMG in another division, or take it as a second primary with Riflemen Basic Training skill, but they wont have the suppressor attachment option. There's also Armed, a Basic Training skill that allows for an additional attachment, that you could take if you wanted more weapon customization slots.

More has also been revealed on Supply Drops, with nukes not being part of them in the game.

No nuke in supply drops

Condrey also elaborated on the 1v1 Pit.

It is similar. Winner stays in, challengers queue for chance to be King.

Call of Duty WWII launches this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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