Call of Duty 2021 Rumored to be Marching Back to the World War II Era

Call of Duty WWII Vanguard

We know a new premium Call of Duty is coming in 2021, but as usual, Activision hasn’t revealed any real details about the game yet. Of course, that’s where the leakers come in. We’ve already heard from multiple reliable insider sources that Call of Duty 2021 will be fully developed by Sledgehammer Games, and now new rumors about the game’s setting have emerged. Known Call of Duty insider Victor Z, who leaked a variety of accurate details about CoD: Black Ops Cold War, seems to be teasing that we’re going to be heading back to World War II. Late last night, he posted the following teaser, featuring a sledgehammer emoji and a piece of art from Call of Duty: WWII...

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When another twitter user asked whether a futuristic “World War III” game might be in the works (as some have speculated), our leaker seemingly clarified more WWII is on the way.

Take this with a grain of salt for now, but the folks at Charlie Intel are seemingly signing off on this rumor, and Sledgehammer heading back to WWII would make sense. CoD: WWII was fairly well-received, so why not go back to what you know? Also, if Sledgehammer goes back to the Big One, then each of Activision’s three CoD developers will have a distinct take on the franchise to focus on – Infinity Ward can continue with Modern Warfare, Treyarch can do Black Ops, and Sledgehammer can focus on historical stuff. Sledgehammer trying to do their own futuristic or Vietnam-era thing (as has been rumored in the past) would muddy the waters.

Sledgehammer has been through somewhat of an upheaval in recent years, starting with the departure of co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey in 2018. That said, Activision has been building Sledgehammer back up, with the goal of making it a multi-project studio. Here’s what new Sledgehammer boss Andy Wilson had to say back in 2020

Sledgehammer Games is entering a period of growth across both of our main studio locations: Foster City, California and Melbourne, Australia. We’re now a multi-project studio and we’re looking for a substantial number of new team members to join us. We’re looking across every discipline and various levels of seniority. It’s a pretty exciting time for our studio.

What do you think? Would you be interested in another WWII-set Call of Duty? Or has the era been fully tapped out?

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