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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare New Rumors Detail Scorestreaks, Zombies


In the past few days, Activision and Infinity Ward have talked about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare quite a bit, but there's still a lot we don't know about the upcoming first person game. A few hours, a supposed tester shared some previously unknown details about the game.

The new details that have been leaked by this Call of Duty Infinite Warfare tester are about scorestreaks and Zombies. According to the tester, who confirms that no multiplayer footage has been shown so far, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will sport a score-based system and any score will go towards the killstreak.

Hello again! Today I would like to talk about possible killstreaks in Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer. I was invited out to Infinity Ward recently for a private press briefing where Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies were discussed. After we were shown gameplay from both Campaign and Zombies, the developers surprised us and started talking about the multiplayer. Now, I want to make this clear that we didn’t see ANY gameplay. However, the developers talked about what they are adding to multiplayer and more specifically, the killstreaks. They talked about the killstreak system itself within Infinite Warfare. Once again, it will be a score-based system “Scorestreaks” and any score you acquire will go towards your killstreak in game. The game will also feature “Strike Packages”. The following are the three strike packages to be included in the game: Assault, Support and Specialist. Assault is your standard killstreak that ends when you die and focuses more on lethal killstreaks. Support however, continues your killstreak through death but only contains non-lethal scorestreaks. Specialist again, ends when you die and focuses on awarding the player perks for a 300, 500 and 700 scorestreak. The devs also stated that there would be a “Mystery Strike Package” included with the game. We received no further information on this Strike Package. The devs also talked about how the scorestreaks will be a part of the “Pick 13 System”. Similar to Advanced warfare you can have as little or as many killstreaks on your class as you like. You can add additional killstreaks to your class using “Wildcards”. The maximum number you can add varies based on the strike package. We then had some killstreaks revealed to us which I will outline below. Note that not all the scorestreaks that are in the game were revealed to us. Overall, I thought these killstreaks were very reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3 except with a new skin for the space theme.
Spy Satellite “SpySat” (350 Score)
Orbital Drop (500 Score)
G.E.D “Gravitational Explosive Device” (550 Score)
Rocket Strike (700 Score)
Assault Rover (1000 Score)
E.T.S “Enemy Tracking Systems” (1050 Score)
Spy Satellite “SpySat” (500 Score)
Satellite Hack (600 Score)
Ballistic Vests (650 Score)
E.T.S “Enemy Tracking Systems” (1350 Score)
Cyber Attack (1550 Score)
Perk Option 1 (300 Score)
Perk Option 2 (500 Score)
Perk Option 3 (700 Score)
All Perks (1000 Score)

As already mentioned, this tester also shared some details on the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies, revealing that the mode will include two maps at launch, a smaller map aimed towards casual players and a bigger one aimed towards hardcore players. The smaller map is apparently a remastered version of the Kino Der Toten map from Black Ops, with a few additional play areas. At the end, the tester notes how Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies is going to be very good, with plenty of weapons and Easter Eggs.

The Infinite Warfare zombies mode is an absolute blast. I was able to test it out and I think this game will surprise many fans of the genre. The IW zombies team has spent the last two years analyzing the pros and the cons of the last two zombies installments (Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3). The zombies mode comes with two maps on disc and will feature a full length map for the hardcore players and a smaller map similar to "The Giant" for the more casual fans. The larger map takes place in the 1980s Soviet Union the map was snowy but I didn't get to test the map. The smaller map that I tested is basically a remastered version of Kino Der Toten from Black Ops. It is basically a clear cut copy of Kino except a 1980s version and has a few more playable areas. Perks basically work the same. Except they are called "boosts". Instead of drinking them the player purchases them and then puts their hand on the machine and transfers the power from it. The actual gameplay is very similar to Treyarch zombies as there is rounds of zombies and they move basically the exact way. Weapon variety is amazing as it features Weapons from the 1950s, all the way up to laser rifles of the 22nd century. In " The Theatre of Death" There are four "Wonder Weapons". Each can be upgraded four different ways very similar to the staffs and bows of Der Eisendrache and Origins. The four elemental upgrades are as follows: Dark Magic, Light, Fire, and water. The Wonder weapons can be acquired by finding parts for the four different film reels around the map. You can catapult up to the top of the theatre and that is where you can put the reels in to play the movie. The screen will then show a film and a character using the wonder weapon to ward off zombies. Then the weapon will disappear from the characters hands and the screen will show the character being overrun by zombies. The WW will then appear in the room. This can be done four times to get the four different wonder weapons. The weapons are: King Arthur's Sword, A Plasma Mini-Gun with 3 seperate spinning barrels and a flamethrower attachment, a fully automatic Crossbow (Think Van helsing's Crossbow combined with Chewbacca's), and a Robotic arm. This zombies crew could rival the main crew from Black Ops 3 zombies. The developers wanted to make characters that were recognizable to fans to make the zombies mode more popular and they couldn't have picked a better four. Price, Mactavish, Ghost, and Makarov are the four playable characters from "TOD" and although have some silly moments are more serious then the characters from Treyarch's take. Makarov seems to be the Richtofen of the group and as he is very suspicious and may have his own agenda. The story is basically that the four characters will have to go through multiple movie universes and fix them. The universes of some movies have bled into the real universe and is causing quite a few problems. There is a way to upgrade the weapons similar to exo zombies and BO3 zombies. There is a window with a slit in it. paying 3,000 points and you will see hands come out through the slit and take your weapon, you will hear a bunch of "construction" noises and then he will give you back your new upgraded weapon and the man will say "Pleasure doing business with you". Every weapon can be upgraded 3 times. One of my favorite new features in this game mode are challenge rounds. Every 3-5 rounds a challenge will appear on screen and completing the challenge will earn the player a skill point. Skill points can be used upgrade perks ( Boosts). "Boosts" have 3 tiers and once unlocking the final tier the player will permanently have the perk, even if they go down or bleed out. I will just say that this map I tested for about 50-55 hours and I was having fun the whole time. The weapon variety is great. The Easter Eggs are fun, and the new story is interesting. Don't be worried about Infinite Warfare Zombies, Infinity Ward has got this!

As there is no way to know if the leaker is indeed a tester, we must take this with a grain of salt. The Infinite Warfare mutiplayer will be unveiled during September, so it won't take all that long to learn if what has been revealed recently is indeed true.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare launches on PC and consoles this November in all regions.