Call of Duty Black Ops Call of the Dead trailer revealed!

After the preview of the Escalation map pack which lacked an explanation into the new zombies map Treyarch has decided to fill the void by giving us an official trailer to the new zombies map, the maps name will be Call of the Dead and so far this is looking like it's going to be THE BEST zombies map ever 😀 with real actors giving voices to the zombie survivors you can bet that this will be best map pack you can buy for this zombies map alone.

The trailer is pretty awesome and shows some new features but the most noticeable part of this trailer is the location, those of you who have played the campaign will recognize the ship, this was the very ship where the Nova Gas was first discovered so the rumors on YouTube and the net were true after all when they said that the next zombies map will definitely feature Nova Gas. I like the part where the ship launches the players into the air and the survivors are shooting zombies as they are flying :D.

I like the way they made the trailer like an old movie trailer, the trailer tells us the following

Director: George Romero
Machete : Danny Trejo
Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nightmare on Elm Street : Robert Englund
Walking Dead : Michael Rooker

This is also a homage made to George Romero's movie "Night of the Living Dead"

Guest Star and Boss Zombie : George Romero

I would like to thank "Dude" for his comment in informing me of my mistakes 🙂

George Romero will be the hell hound / mad professor of the stage i.e the boss who comes once every 5 rounds or so and is a pain in the ass to take down unless you hammer him with fire power.

Although now they have made it more like Left 4 Dead haven't they? I mean you have 3 guys and 1 girl, 1 of the guys is an old man, the other is a biker and the only thing missing is the African American player. Although the location is not the same but hey you have to admit that the similarities are hard to ignore, no?

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