Bright Memory Shows Off Gorgeous Ray Tracing in a New Trailer, Leaves Early Access Today

Nathan Birch
Bright Memory

A couple years ago indie action-shooter Bright Memory began to gather attention for it’s slick cutting-edge visuals, made all the more notable by the fact that the game is being developed by only one person. Well, a new Bright Memory: Infinite trailer has been released today, and the game continues to impress! Check it out for yourself, below.

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Bright Memory: Infinite Launches on Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation on July 21

Now, for those confused, Bright Memory is a partial slice of the game that’s been in Early Access for a while now, while Bright Memory: Infinite will be the full, final version of the game that will be available on both PC and consoles. Bright Memory version 1.0 releases today, while BM: Infinite is scheduled to come out sometime later this year. Want to know more about Bright Memory? Here’s the official rundown:

Takedown ancient mythical beasts and futuristic enemy soldiers alike in a stylish combo-focused sword and gunplay combat system. A precise dash and a pulse glove knocking enemies into the air enable extended combo chains to finish off threats with finesse and precision while racking up massive scores.

After the discovery of a strange substance capable of reviving the dead, a private military organization seeks to steal the life-giving breakthrough for its own maniacal ends. While defending the substance, Special Operative Shelia is warped along with the enemy squad to an island floating over the north pole where mythological creatures such as dragons and demons roam alongside resurrected human corpses.

Game Features

  • Rack up points and enhance your various skills to freely create your own original combinations.
  • Employing an FPS-style POV, discover and solve the various puzzles throughout each stage to advance.
  • A mesmerizingly beautiful world combining science fiction and Chinese culture and created using Unreal Engine 4.

Bright Memory is available now on Steam on GOG. Bright Memory: Infinite is scheduled to hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 this holiday season.

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