Bravely Default II New Screenshots Showcase Characters, Jobs and More


New Bravely Default II screenshots have been shared online today, showing characters, game systems, and more.

The new screenshots, which can be checked out below, focus on the main cast, some of the Jobs that will be available in the game, locations, game systems, and more.

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Bravely Default II was originally announced with a 2020 release date, but the game was eventually delayed to February 2021. The game will feature a brand new story and characters as well as many of the gameplay mechanics that set the previous two entries in the series apart from most JRPGs, such as the combat system.

Step into a brand-new world with four brand-new heroes. A new world, a new story, and all-new Heroes of Light await in an exciting original RPG experience arriving on the Nintendo Switch! This successor to the original Bravely Default game comes from the team that brought you the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler, and features music from Revo (Sound Horizon/Linked Horizon), acclaimed composer of the Bravely Default soundtrack.

  • Brand-new entry in Square Enix’s Bravely Series.
  • Travel the world in search of the four Crystals with the latest incarnation of the brave band known as the Heroes of Light.
  • Latest creation from Team Asano, creators of the Bravely series and Octopath Traveler.
  • World filled with new characters, but with the atmosphere and excitement the Bravely series is known for.

Bravely Default II launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on February 26th.