Street Fighter V Character Stories Receive Additional Details


Street Fighter V will come with a major focus on its story elements. The game will feature Character Stories at launch, sequences that will allow players to learn more about all playable fighters. A few months later, the game will also receive a bigger story expansion for free. Additional details on one of these features have emerged online earlier today.

NeoGAF user Scotia has been able to check out the Street Fighter V character stories during a recent store event focused on the game. Scotia has managed to play through the Ken, Laura, Necalli, Rashid, and Nash stories, and has shared all he could remember on them. Please note that there are huge spoilers in the report so avoid reading it if you want the stories to be a complete surprise for you.

Ken, Eliza and Mel are invited to a party hosted by Karin. Ken remembers fights between him and Ryu. They get to the party but get lost. Birdie thinks they're trespassing and fights Ken. Karin arrives and offers Ken a pre-meal fight as an apology for Birdie attacking him. Ken accepts. Ken and Eliza talk about Ryu not being at the party. Mel is about 1 year old.

Laura playfights with Sean and then leaves their house. She sees Birdie in Brazil and offers him a free meal if they fight. After they fight Laura asks Birdie if he knows any strong fighters to which he points her in the direction of Karin. Karin and Laura fight and Laura asks her if she knows any strong fighters. Karin tells her about Ryu. Laura and Ryu fight, Ryu talks about the Satsui no Hado. Laura finds Zangief and fights him. Afterwards, Zangief gives Laura tickets to a wrestling scouting event. The last shot is Sean sitting in Brazil wondering where Laura is.

Necalli's is weird. A 'Warrior Prophet' talks about the legend of Necalli. Necalli fights Ryu, Dhalsim and Bison and after beating them he kinda absorbs them. The prophet talks about Necalli feasting on warrior's souls. I don't remember much of this one.

Rashid's is really short. 2 matches. He's eating with his servant (a huge arabic guy called Azam). He talks about his friend going missing and how Shadaloo is involved. He sees Birdie and fights him. He talks to his friends online (he's constantly messaging them) and one of them (Maya) tells him to fight Ryu in order to see if he can take on Shadaloo. Rashid looses against Ryu (Gouken is with Ryu for some reason that is not given). Can't remember the ending though.

Nash's is basically a run-down of Alpha. He fights Bison, gets killed and is found by Helen (no mention of Illuminati as far as I know). He travels the world and finds some kid called Ed. Ed has psycho power but FANG arrives. You fight FANG. I started talking to the guy from GAME at this point so next thing I know Nash is standing in front of Guile and co. (basically that picture) then it ended.

Street Fighter V launches on February 16th on PlayStation 4 and PC.