Bluehole Details This Month’s PUBG Xbox One Updates; New Bugfixes Patch Deployed Today


Developer Bluehole has detailed this month’s PUBG Xbox One updates, including the new hotfix that is currently being rolled out to all Xbox One systems.

Today’s hotfix addresses some achievement issues that users have been reporting alongside a party information bug. We’ve included the release notes for this hotfix down below:

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with achievements where in some instances, the User ID sent to the server was not sent back to the profile, causing the achievement to not be tracked or unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the party information would not refresh after a member had left the party

Aside from the hotfix mentioned above, two updates will be released for Microsoft’s console this month. This patch will contain new content alongside quality of life additions, and will release early this month. We’ve included some of these new additions down below:

  • Quick marker system
  • Adding a new option in report menu to report players for teaming
  • Increased maximum sensitivity
  • Beryl, MK47, Scooter and Tukshai, Laser Sight
  • Reward Systems - rewards that can be earned through different ways, details coming soon!

The second update will be detailed later this month, but Bluehole did confirm that the game’s training mode has been delayed to November.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now for both Xbox One and PC.